How to Be a Canada Or Australia PR In Easiest Way?

Canada & Australia both are being hot countries for immigration these days and both have relaxed their immigration requirements to welcome more skilled workers. In last few visa immigration events, eligibility requirements have been seen decreasing for both the countries. These interprets their intention clearly and shows green signal for you to be an eligible candidate. In this article, let’s explore the immigration scope for both these countries.

Scopes of immigration to Canada

Reportedly, Canada welcomes over 200,000 immigrants every year to live as Canadian Permanent Resident in there. Of course, the immigrants require to go through certain application and screening process. Let’s explore the Canada immigration schemes in a brief.

  1. Canadian Experience class (CEC):

Under this scheme, Canada welcomes immigrants & international graduates first grant with a temporary visa and later they can apply for a Permanent Resident status. The criteria include Canadian education, work experience and other general requirements.

  1. Skilled Worker Class Immigration:

Under this category, eligible international can apply to live permanently in Canada under the Skilled Worker Category. The application requirements include education, experience, age, language ability and other criteria. It is a point based systems where the points range from 0-100 and the minimum required points are 67.

  1. Provincial Nomination:

Under this scheme, Canadian Provinces selects interested candidates to live & work in their province. This scheme allows candidates to apply for specific province if they have any in their mind. After receiving provincial nomination, candidates can apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.

  1. Business Class Immigration:

Under this scheme, Canada welcomes investors, Entrepreneurs and self-employed persons to reside and invest in the country. An investor with net worth of C$400,000-800,000 investment can apply under this scheme. For entrepreneurs, the net worth is set to C$300,000 for operating a business and to do a full-time job within 3 years of time limit. Self-employed class is expected to setup a business and opportunity for employment in there.

  1. Family Class Immigration:

Immigrants who have any family member living in Canada with PR status can apply under this scheme. They require family sponsorship to reside in Canada and get 3-10years of time frame to get settled in the country.

Scopes of immigration to Australia:

Australian Immigration as permanent resident requires following quality in a person such as:

  • Lived & worked in a specific regional area of the country for minimum of 2 years
  • Lived & self-employed in a specific regional area of the country for minimum of 1 year
  • Get nominated under regional sponsor migration scheme

An Adventure in Winnipeg, Canada

Generally, immigrants enter in the country with temporary visa and live there for specific time-period before applying for Permeant Residency. Australia immigration categories includes the following:

  • Aged Parent Visa
  • Employer Nomination Scheme
  • Parent Visa
  • Remaining Relative Visa
  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Sponsored Visa

To apply under these schemes, one first need to fulfil the eligibility criteria such as age, education, experience & financial capabilities etc. Then the prospective candidates require to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) if applying for employment visas. Proper documentation is needed and then applicants need to pay the application fees. One provisional interview takes place which need to be cleared. Then they need to get nominated by an employer or family member as required under the category of visa applied.

Montreal, a City with French Accent

If you are intending to be a Canadian or Australian PR in near future, then you must consult a professional before starting the application process. Many immigration consultants offer Free Visa Assessment which help you explore your eligibility to be considered under Australian or Canadian immigration schemes.


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