The Natural Wonder of Europe-Switzerland

One of the most alluring countries in Europe- Switzerland, a country that is divided into four regions- France, Germany, Italy and Austria and Liechtensteinis well known for its beautiful scenery and striking mountains.

One of the most alluring countries in Europe- Switzerland. A country that is having four regions- France, Germany, Italy and Austria and Liechtensteinis well known for its beautiful scenery and striking mountains. The country is popular for sparkling lakes, small medieval towns, elevated peaks, never ending green lands, chocolates and friendly people. One can plan a trip to Switzerland in summers when you can enjoy the spectacular views of greenery and flowers. In winters you can enjoy snow sports and activities like skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.


The historic capital of Switzerland-Bern presents never ending opportunities for sightseeing, cultural folk entertainment and shopping. This country has lot to offer ranging from royal Alps, fantastic villages to sophisticated cities and gigantic castles. There are some of the best places in Switzerland to explore.


An appealing city in French part of the country – Geneva. This part is well known for watches, chocolates and greenery near the lakes. It is the place for many UN agencies. Jet d’Eau, a 140 metres fountain with Lake is the magnificent attraction at Geneva. You can visit one of the chocolate confectioners in the city to get enough sweet cravings. The city is also an inland to CERN, the major research centre of science a particle named God was found here.


Lucerne, is on the banks of Lake Lucerne in German region of Switzerland, a pleasant city has an appeal for painting frescos on its buildings and churches. One can move around the town and wander across the Chapel Bridge that is embellished with flowers. Loewendenkmal Lion Monument, a brilliant piece of art is one of the attractive place to visit for photography and art lovers.


Switzerland economic district, Zurich has a best living standard. It is a heaven for kids with approximately 80 playgrounds. It is an amazing place to enjoy the outdoor activities. Bahnhofstrasse, is a great shopping street for shopaholics. Also To explore the city and experience the other  attractions of Zurich one can take a boat cruise, Lake Zurich or Limmat river or a bike.


Interlaken, the most famous resort in Switzerland is between Lake Thrun to the west and Lake Brienz to the east. There are some of the gigantic peaks of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau tower above the town gives wonderful opportunities for alpine adventures. It is known as outdoor capital of the country having lots of outdoor activities like skydiving, water skiing and hiking. Another popular attraction, Rietberg Museum presents non-European art with different artworks from China, India and Africa. People will love the Zurich zoo that constitutes of elephant park, penguin parade and Madagascar Pavillion.


A three day spring carnival with other name fasnacht is the most famous long day party awaited by tourists and other citizens of Switzerland. Moreover, It is a lovely event, everyone likes it in hot weather.

This country is full of life with snow capped mountains and bright coloured resort towns. Also cities like Zurich and Geneva consists of luxury boutiques and upscale restaurants making Switzerland a must visit destination for tourists.

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