Gangtok-A City of Mountains

While surfing on net, about Gangtok. Moreover, I came to know it’s a colorful fusion of a balanced ethnic culture, shared among the Nepalis, Lepchas and Bhutias.

It’s a capital of Mountains in the northern state of India i.e. Sikkim. While surfing on net, about Gangtok. Moreover, I came to know it’s a colorful fusion of a balanced ethnic culture, shared among the Nepalis, Lepchas and Bhutias. Moreover, With the shades of white, blue, green and yellow, I realized the Sikkim is blessed with amazing tourist attractions, different types of spicy cuisines and authentic folk cultures. Some of the wonders that I decided to explore whenever, I got a chance to visit Gangtok are:

  • Tsomgo Lake:

    One of the most famous tourist spots, and located around 35 km away from the city on the Gangtok-Nathula Highway. Considered to be a Holy Lake, one can visit the small temples located nearby the river that are purely dedicated to the Lord Shiva.

  • Bakthang Waterfalls:

    The best natural attractions in Gangtok, Bakthang Waterfalls starts originating from Ratey Chu, a main source of the city. A great spot for photography stuff and nature lovers.

  • Fambong La Wildlife Sanctuary:

    A paradise for photo enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. The sanctuary hosts various rare species of animals like Red Panda, Civet Cat Binturong, Himalayan Beer and the many others. It’s the place is for those people that love nature to the fullest.

  • Nathula Pass:

    A pass on the Indo-Chinese border that serves as a trade link between India and China. It is well-known by the name of silk route. It has a rich diversity of alpine flora and fauna.

  • Rumtek Monastery:

    One of the important sites for almost every Buddhist. A golden stupa is located inside the monastery that encompasses the relics of 16th

  • Ganesh Tok:

    A small Temple situated near by the television tower on a small hill is situated on Gangtok-Nathula road. Moreover, The Temple is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha. The size of the temple is too small that at a time only one person can accommodate the temple and needs to crawl to get inside the temple.

  • Himalayan Zoological Park:

    A best place for wildlife lovers like me. As the park is at an altitude of 1,780 meter from where one can get the best views of the Mount Kanchenjunga.

  • Ranka Monastery:

    A popular Buddhist monastery in Lingdum. Among local residents it is also known by the name of Lingdum Monastry. It is famous for its architecture and aesthetic values. Also, the monastery has a collection of colorful tiebetan paintings known by the name of Thangkas. You can even spin the long row of wheels for good luck.

These were some of the most liked attractions by me in the beautiful city Gangtok. On the basis of readings and pictures I decided to explore these attractions. Well, very much excited, I am as these tourist attractions look so beautiful in just pictures. So, how all the attractions would be in reality when I would have an eye over them in my real life. I would be happy to explore City of Mountains i.e. Gangtok soon.

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