A Visit to a Beautiful Destination-Algrave

Last year, when I got an opportunity to visit Algrave.

I was very much evoked by the different sounds, smells, and memories too. Algrave’s beautiful beaches and successful sun or sea blueprint, makes it a heaven. Also it has an eventful history to offer, that boasts fascinating traces of many people transited through.

Algrave’s beautiful beaches

On the first day of my trip, I had chosen the Albufeira for a walk on the beach. I tried Sal Rosa Wine, Cocktail & visited Tapas Bar & I got a chance to have the best views across the coastlines. I even tried all the adventures like sailing, Scuba diving, Hiking, Surfing, and taken a safari too. So, my next visit was to Loule, Estoi & the Roman Ruins of Milreu for history and culture travel. Here I got all kinds of travel activities especially related to culture, creative travel. If you want to just relax and enjoy the views of pretty city centre and market hall, you can also do that. The Romans Ruins of Milreu, near the small town of Estoi whose main Praca & Castle are worth a visit.

After having a wonderful time at Romans Ruins of Milreu, now I was heading towards the seaside town of Tavira. I was well known about its interesting fortified castle but wasn’t aware that it dates back to the Moorish age. With its peaceful and quite surroundings it is a home to sea birds and a place for food lovers. To have a horseback tour, I made a decision to visit the Holistic Riding Center.

The most favorite part of my journey vacations was a boat tour by Dream Wave Company. The hotel staff told me to go for it ones. The boat trip was on a historical wooden pirate ship. I sailed from Albufeira, and lucky enough to have a view of rock formations and the Harbourless Fishing Village at Armacao de Pera. Top of all, the Dolphin interaction was the most entertaining part where I played with Dolphins in a pool. I also participated in the Dolphin Emotions Program. It is a briefing and education session in which one on one time in the pool with the Dolphins. I had a great photos and memories of my experience.

After spending 2 weeks in Algrave, I can say the beaches, amazing golf courses, the weather are not only the attractions to visit Algrave. There are many plenty of other reasons to have a good time here. The regular events happening year round can be another good reason to have your next holidays here.

On the last day of my journey, there was a desire to come back soon and was melting my heart, may be due to the humble pride of the people, welcoming and warm heartened in their own nature. Or some fine things that I saw, the charming folks I met in Algrave, but it were the smells and taste of the place that winged lingering most in my mind. Overall, it’s a Beautiful Destination with a History.

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