Valparaíso, the Jewel of the Pacific

Valparaíso is a city and commune located in the central coast of the continental territory of Chile. It is the capital of the province and region of Valparaíso

Valparaíso is a city and commune located in the central coast of the continental territory of Chile. It is the capital of the province and region of Valparaíso, which together with the communes of Viña del Mar, Quilpué, Villa Alemana and Concón from the Metropolitan area of Valparaíso, making it its historical center and main urban center.

Hills, walks, museums, bars, and curious corners are part of this list of the best tourist places in Valparaíso, a fascinating city with countless corners that discover, among a historical declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, 95 national monuments, a port nicknamed the Jewel of the Pacific and about 42 hills that embrace the bay.

The lookout walks built between the hills, correspond to one of the most characteristic urban elements of the city, in general, in the form of long squares, which open to the sea as a viewpoint. Being important tourist places of Valparaiso, always are in its surroundings cafeterias, restaurants and hotels. Among his most famous rides include:

Walk Atkinson:

the Atkinson walk in Cerro Conception is having its location between a line of gardens of old mansions of the XIX century and the open space, allowing obtaining panoramic views of the whole bay. At the end, the walk ends at the Brighton Hotel, terraced construction, which allows you to enjoy a refreshment while watching the port. To get there you can take the Elevator Concepción, which ascends to Paseo Gervasoni, approximately 100 meters away from the Atkinson Promenade.

Walk Gervasoni:

neighboring the Atkinson promenade, on Cerro Concepción, is the Paseo Gervasoni privileged bay viewpoint, exist with huge 19th-century mansions, such as the Lukas Artist’s House Museum, Café Turri, and the Gran Hotel Gervasoni. Last, corresponding to the oldest construction of Cerro Concepción. To get there you can take the Elevator Concepción, whose station is in the middle of the walk.

If there is something that characterizes the city, it is the number of bars and restaurants deployed among the tourist sites of Valparaiso, many with a special historical value, which has made them part of the collective memory. Here are some of them:

Cinzano Bar:

opened in 1896, it is possible the best-known bar in the city, a place where until the mid-20th century, the men of the city gathered, betting or playing various table games until the wee hours of the morning. At present, it congregates all kinds of people from many countries, which come especially attracted by their nights of tango and live boleros.

English Bar:

Establish in 1916, it was originally one of the main meeting places for wealthy business people, especially Britons who had a good taste of whiskey. Today the place is famous by the warmth of its environment. It is with a long wooden bar and several more intimate corners, which welcome all kinds of visitors, especially a male audience. One of the most notable features of this bar is the presence of a collection of almost 500 glasses with names of frequent customers.

Liberty Bar:

known as the oldest bar in Valparaiso, created as a bohemian dump that welcomed sailors, travelers and intellectuals. Today the place maintains that identity, being a stop for poets and artists, being frequent the poet-musical gatherings

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