Valdivia, the Pearl of Southern Chile

Valdivia is a city and commune of Chile, the capital of the homonymous province and of the region of Los Rios. Valdivia, a city in the south of Chile that fascinates by its cultural life and amazing natural surroundings. Sheltering in its forest one of the greatest biodiversity of the planet.

Ranco Lake:

Lake having location 124 km from Valdivia, a place of spectacular natural beauty surrounded by mountains and forests, with waters ideal for water sports. Beautiful beaches and 13 islands, among which is Huapi Island, inhabited by the Mapuche-Hulliche community.

The part that surrounds the lake allows you to border it completely, a walk whose incredible are its viewpoints to appreciate the surrounding landscape, among them the most famous corresponds to the viewpoint of Piedra Piedra Hill with panoramic views of the lake and its 13 islands. Other nearby attractions are the 2 towns of Futrono, the most tourist resort on the lake, the thermal baths of Chihuio, the thermal baths of Lifén and the might Rio Bueno, famous for its rapids ideal for rafting.

Museum of the Kunstmann Brewery:

One of Valdivia’s must-see tourist attractions, a brewery where it is possible to appreciate the process of making the famous Kunstmann beer and visit its small museum that tells part of the history of this brew in the region.

Although this brewery by its tradition is one of the most emblematic of the city. There are numerous other microbreweries that can be worth wisiting in the so-called Valdivia handmade beer route such as Valtor’s Brewery, Selva Fria Brewery, among other.

Fuerte de Niebla:

Another place to visit in the city that are part of the route of the castles and forts of the region, a seaside resort 17 km from Valdivia. Famous for hosting the Fort of Niebla, also famous by the name of Castillo de la Pura and Limpia Concepción of Monfort de Lemus. The side also includes a museum with diverse exhibitions that allow appreciating a panoramic view of the whole complex of fortifications of the city.

The Niebla spa is also known for its beautiful beaches and numerous restaurants specializing in fish and seafood. Among its beaches, it is worth nothing the idyllic Loncollen beach, with its unique pink sands and crystalline waters.

Alerce Costero National Park:

In the vicinity of Valdivian Coastal Reserve 90 km from Valdivia is Alerce Costero National Park. A public national park of 13,000 hectares, where you can appreciate the amazing biodiversity of the Valdivian forest.

Its main attraction is the path Alerce Milenario, it is possible to observe a copy of Larch of 3,500 years. To access the park it is advisable to have a high vehicle and with double traction, due to the difficulties of the terrain.

Corral Bay:

One of the tourist places of Valdivia, a must-see for lovers of history, a bay at the mouth of the River Calle Calle, which hides the main Spanish fortifications of the so-called castles route and forts of the region, in a beautiful environment comprising islands, areas of Valdivian jungle and numerous fishing coves.

Among its main sites of interest is Corral Fort, considered the best-preserved fortress in the area. The Fort of Amargos and the castle San Pedro de Alcantara in the island of Mancera. Another must-see in Corral Bay is the Valdivian Coastal Reserve. A private reserve of 60,000 hectares, accessible from the village of Chaihuin. It is full with ancient forests of larches, flora and endemic fauna, along with secret beaches in the Pacific Ocean.

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