Sao Paulo offers Unmissable Activities

Sao Paulo, officially known as the Municipality of Sao Paulo, is the capital city of the State of Sao Paulo and the main city of the Metropolitan region of Sao Paulo. It is the main financial center of Brazil and some resources place it as the best city to do business in Latin America. It is called by Brazilians as the city that cannot stop.

Cataloged as a global city of the Alpha type, San Paulo is one of the most important economic-financial and cultural center of America and the world.

Here you will find a selection of what to do if you are in Sao Paulo:

Tour Paulista Avenue: a must-see for the heart of the city, its 2.7 km of extension, the main corporate buildings and cultural institutions of Sao Paulo, together with a number of hotels, restaurants and glamorous shops.

Among its many attractions are the Cultural Centers Itaú and Sesi showcases of interesting exhibitions at low cost, the Museum of Art of the City, home to invaluable art collections, and the multifunctional building designed by architect David Libeskind, home to the famous cultural library, considered the largest bookstore in Latin America.

A cultural stop at the Sao Paulo Museum of Art: located on Paulista Avenue, it is one of the must-see places for those looking for cultural activities to do in the city, hosting invaluable art collections that are among the most important in Latin America.

Among its main collections are the European paintings and sculptures from the XIII century to the present, with works by renowned artists such as The Resurrection of Christ by Rafael Sanzio, The Virgin and Child by Sandro Botticelli, Nicolas Poussin’s Priory Sacrifice and a set of 73 bronze sculptures by Edgar Degas, among other invaluable jewels.

A stroll through the Japanese Quarter of Sao Paulo: known as the Liberdade District, it corresponds to the area where most of the Asian community of the city lives, a neighbourhood full of charm, decorated with typical lamps at the sides of the streets, shops with oriental products and restaurants offering Japanese food, Chinese and Korean.

The best moments to visit this neighbourhood correspond to those that coincide with the oriental festivities, such as the feast of the starts, where desires hung  in colourful papers on bamboo branches (variable day during the month of July) or the celebration of the Chinese New Year, where music, gastronomy, dancers, martial arts performances and fireworks take to the streets (between end of January and early February).

To experience some of S.P. festivals: one of the major attractions of Sao Paulo is its inexhaustible cultural offer, materialized both in massive celebration that unfold between its parks and streets, or in festivities that show the surprising mix of cultures that coexist in the city, ranging from singular Japanese festivals, Chinese or Italian, to the famous Carnival of Brazil.

With events taking place practically through the year, it is only necessary to inform yourself the cultural diary of the month, highlighting among them the famous Brazilian Carnival, Gay Pride, and the Juninas Festivals.

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