Quito declared a World Heritage

Quito is the political capital of the Republic of Ecuador, the oldest in South America and the Province of Pichincha, is the second largest city and second in population, after Guayaquil

Quito is the political capital of the Republic of Ecuador, the oldest in South America and the Province of Pichincha. It is the second largest city and second in population, after Guayaquil. It is also the district head of the Metropolitan District of Quito and the economic capital of the country.

The capital of Ecuador, home of bustling urban life, vibrant nightlife and a fascinating old city declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Famous by its baroque religious temples, monasteries, monuments and beautiful colonial architectures that make up the center Historical alteration, less altered and better preserved of America.

Here, you can find some ideas what to do in Quito:

Walk in the Historical Center:

Without a doubt, walking between its narrow colonial streets lined with beautiful houses with balconies, is the first activity to do when thinking about what to do in Quito. The largest,with the least alteration and with best preservation historic center of America, dazzles with its set of Churches, Monasteries, gardens, museums, and buildings that mix colonial and republic styles.

Although each street corner is home to heritage jewels, one of the must-sees of Quito’s colonial essence is Garcia Moreno Street. Having  nickname the “Seven Crosses” which manages to summarize in a 16-block walk a large part of the History of the city.

Observe the city from the cable car:

 A ten-minute walk in modern cabins that can ascend 2,950 meters above sea level to 4,053 meters. Arriving at a natural viewpoint located in the foothills of the Pichincha volcano.

The volcano, besides being a privileged place to get panoramic views of Quito and the nearby snow-capped mountains, has a number of creational sites, such as shops and restaurants, along with trails of varying difficulty, for hiking.

A photo in the Middle of the World:

One foot on the northern hemisphere and another on the south. This Place is undoubtedly the photograph of every traveler who visits the region. A curious place located only 14 km from Quito, called Middle of the World City.

Attractions of this tourist area are also the Anthropological and Ethnographic Museum having location inside the pyramidal monument. It points the line of the Equator and the small town that surrounds it. Its construction is as a replica of Spanish colonial city.

Excursion to the Volcano Cuicocha and its lagoon: 

Its location is at 120 km from Quito is this natural wonder,a creation of the Cuicocha lagoon. A water mass of three km in diameter having location in the center of the crater of the volcano of the same name.

In the place you can do as much trekking around the lagoon. As sailing among is turquoise waters, approaching its two floating islets, which although not for human access. These are home to an astonishing diversity of flora and fauna.

Ascent to the highest active Volcano in the World:

An ideal activity sports lovers looking to do in Quito. It corresponds to the ascent of the Cotopaxi volcano. An excursion of 6 to 8 hours without technical requirements, from whose summit in the 5,943 meters above sea level. Its crater half a km in diameter and the snow-capped volcano avenue.

If you do not have a physical condition suitable for climbing, a visit to the Cotopaxi Volcano. However,The surrounding National Park can also be a good idea, allowing contact with nature activities, among beautiful scenery. Here lakes and forests abound of pine.


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