Pucon, Capital of Lakes and Volcanoes

Pucon is a city and commune of the Province of Cautín, pertaining to the Region of Araucanía, located in the South of Chile. The city of Pucón, located on the eastern shore of Villarrica Lake, stands out as the most important lake resort in Chile, with a great seasonal activity during the summer season.

In its surroundings, it has a variety of tourist attractions that complement its beaches on the lake, like thermal centers, ski centers, national parks, among others. The rural area has the attraction of snowy volcanic cones and coniferous forests, and lots of torrential rivers, some of which contain drawers, jumps, waterfalls, and rapids.



To visit Pucon: the small urban center of Pucón is an area worth visiting on foot, discovering through its architectures the interesting mix of traditions of the Mapuche Ethnic group and the strong heritage of German settlers who arrived in the area in the XIX century.

Visits not to be missed by the locality correspond to the Mapuche Museum of Pucon, with interesting collections of silver, as well as the picturesque port of boats known as the Poza. You cannot stop eating in one of the many restaurants in the center, most of them concentrated in the Gerónimo de Alderete and Fresia streets, whose varied gastronomic offer shows the rich mix of cultures that coexist in the area, Mapuche, European, traditional Chilean and fusion preparations.

To visit Villarrica: on the opposite shore of Villarrica Lake, you will find the city of Villarrica, another interesting place to visit, sharing with Pucón its beautiful landscapes and a wide range of recreational activities.

Highlights in the city include a walk along the long coastline that borders the lake, a boat ride from the jetty on General Korner Street and a visit to the picturesque Fritz Marquet, the site where about 35 craftsmen offer typical works of the area.

Villarrica Volcano: one of the most famous walks of the city corresponds to the ascent of Villarrica Volcano, one of the most imposing volcanoes of southern Chile with 2847 meters of height characteristic for its almost perfect conical shape and its permanent fumaroles.

The ascent route that beings at the base of the volcano allow to reach the summit after a walk of approximately 4 to 5 hours, having the reward of impressive landscapes, being able to appreciate on a sunny day at least seven volcanoes and other numerous lakes. It is worth nothing that this is an unforgettable activity to do in Picón throughout the year, even though it has less difficulty during spring and summer.

Baths in the Geometric Spa: a thermal center that deserves a separate chapter is the Geometric Spa, set of 20 stone pools with waters that sprout above 45 degrees C, immersed in the amazing landscapes of forests native to the Villarrica Volcano National Park.

In addition to enjoying the waters and contemplating the landscape, these thermal baths have the interest of designing their facilities, which were designed by the distinguished national award architect Germán Del Sol, who subtly intervened the environment, through wooden walkways of Coigue red that communicate the different pools.

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