Montevideo, the Capital of Uruguay

Montevideo is the capital and most populated city of the Eastern Republic or Uruguay. It is located in the southern zone of the country and is the southernmost capital of America.

Montevideo is the capital and is having largest population among cities of the Eastern Republic or Uruguay. Its location is in the southern zone of the country and is the southernmost capital of America. Montevideo is a global city of “beta” category. It is at position seventh in the city of Latin America and the 73rd in the world. Montevideo, the 8th city in Latin America in terms of visits by foreigners in 2013 and has been consistently termed as the city with the best quality of life in the region in 2015.

Here I show you some places in Montevideo you cannot miss:

The Rambla:

one of the famous tourist sites of Montevideo, comprising an extensive coastline that is changing its name, while it winds for miles along the Rio de la Plata, known for being one of the main spaces of socialization of the city, congregating hundreds of people of all ages, who come in search of outdoor activities, sunset views, and sports alternatives.

Due to its extension, the scenarios that surrounding the Rambla, very significantly, going from the historical stages of the Old City, in the section known as Rambla Franklin Roosevelt, to the elegant houses of the exclusive neighborhood of Carrasco, in the section Rambla Tomás Berreta.

18 July Avenue:

the 18 de Julio Avenue corresponds to the main avenue of the city, extending by approximately 3 km, between the Independence Square of the Old City and the Obelisk to the Constituents in Artigas Boulevard.

This important artery is one of the places to know in Montevideo walking, appreciating in the route, building of different times, important historical squares, numerous commercial galleries and diverse gastronomic places. Highlights of this avenue are Independence Square, Salvo Palace, Cagancha Square, Santos Palace, Municipal Palace, El Galpón Theater, National Library of Uruguay, Faculty of Law and Constituent Obelisk.

Rodó Park:

this park located on Ramirez Beach, belongs to one of the city’s main urban parks and one of the best tourist sites in Montevideo for those who seek activities in contact with nature, housing well-kept green areas, artificial lagoons, sports field, ornamental fountains, places to eat and various cultural and recreational spaces.

Among these, the National Museum of Visual Arts stands out, with the largest public collection of painting and sculpture in Uruguay. Other places of interest are the Summer Theater, considered one of the main entertainment centers of the city and a small Amusement Park, where you can also enjoy some gastronomic venues. On Sundays, the park also hosts neighborhood fairs.


accompanying the more than 30 km of meandering the Rambla, you will find the beaches of Montevideo. In general, all beaches the easily enchant by its fine white sands and calm waters, where it is common to see people of all ages practice various types of sport.

Among the beaches in Montevideo, Ramirez Beach, Malvin Beach, Green Beach and Pocitos Beach stand out, being the most crowded of all, especially for its mesmerizing views of the sunset, modern environments and a wide range of recreational activities, including volleyball competitions, football, and other beach sports.

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