Miami, the Magic City of United States

Miami is a city located in southeastern Florida, United States, around the Miami River, between the Everglade and the Atlantic Ocean.  It is close to the Caribbean, so it has dream beaches. Palm trees everywhere, turquoise waters and happy people everywhere make Miami the favorite destination of foreigners.


If you plan to visit Miami, do not miss visiting these places:

Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills is Florida’s largest entertainment mall. It is also the ideal place to buy clothing from international brands, especially sportswear. Offers offer and discounts. This mall is located in Sunrise, 45 minutes drive from Downtown Miami. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 9:30 pm and on Sundays from 11 am to 8 pm.

South Beach

South Beach is the most famous beach in Miami. It has white sand and different attractions such as various games sites, walk areas, boardwalks, trails for skaters, cyclists, etc. It is ideal for enjoy and has a great time with family or friends. Its location is parallel to the famous Ocean Drive.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is the most famous street in Miami Beach. It is a seafront whose location is in South Beach; you can enjoy both day and night.

During the day, its beaches are filled with people attracted by the crystal clear water. The city is full of life with various activities such as the Art Deco District. While at night, Ocean Drive is one of the busiest areas of Miami. With nightclubs, restaurants, and parties, musicalized in the Latin Style. Whatever the time, Ocean Drive owns the top place in the must-see in Miami.

Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is the heart of Miami. Its location is in east of Little Havana and north of Coconut Grove and Coral Graves.  It includes all the Islands of Miami, Brickell, Virginia Key, Watson Island, where the Jungle Island Zoo is located, and the Port of Miami.

It is in the central business district of South Florida. Home to major banks, cultural and tourist attractions, and residential towers. It is a very large shopping area and is the most visited by travelers.

Art Deco District

This District of Miami is located on the Ocean Drive of Miami Beach and offers a tour of the iconic Art Deco buildings that are preserved in the city.

It was an artistic movement that began in France in the year 1920. In the United Stated, Art Deco had its apogee in the time of the recession. It reflects mainly in the architecture, where the design happens to have a very important place. It gives to the buildings a special atmosphere of fantasy and color.

Many of the Art Deco District buildings are hotels, so you can even stay in one of them or visit them on the inside.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is famous for its great nightlife, but also for some of its historic buildings, very interesting to discover on a day trip. Some of these attractions include the Coconut Grove Playhouse Theatre, CocoWalk Shopping Mall, and The Miami City Hall.

The neighborhood is famous as “Miami’s Food Court” because of the large number of restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars in the area. It is also an area where parks and gardens abound including Vizcaya Museum Gardens, The Kampong, and Barnacle Historic State Park.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café combines a gastronomic experience with the display of instruments, clothing and various elements belonging to important rock figures. However, In this place it is possible to find for example a hat of Janis Joplin, the Harley Davidson made for Elvis and Les Paul used by Keith Richards.

In the Hard Rock, the visitors have the opportunity to listen to excellent music, to visit the showcase appreciating the exquisite rock memorabilia and to taste popular dishes but with fresh ingredients and some peculiarities in their recipes that make them specialty tasteful.




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