Iquique, a City Full of History

Iquique is a city-port, free zone and commune of Chile, the capital of the homonymous province and of the region of Tarapacá. Iquique is a vibrant city in northern Chile that dazzles with its white sand beaches, desert landscapes, and historic heritage.

A tour of the ancient splendor of the Baquedano Promenade: beautiful pedestrian walk of 15 blocks, bordered by luxurious mansions raised at the time of boom of the Chilean saltpeter, in the late XIX and early XX century. Most with sophisticated faces full of details, including wooden balustrades, columns, cornices and refined door and window frames.

In its extension, it passes through emblematic buildings patrimonial of the city, such as the municipal theater in Arturo Prat Palace, the Astoreca Palace, and Regional Museum. Among the activities that can be done in the walk is the visit to museums, the route of this one through a wagon of the historic tram of the city and an arrest in the numerous cafes and restaurants with a terrace that are aligned along the walk.


Corbeta Esmeralda Museum: undoubtedly one of the must do in this city to get into the history of Chile. Opened in 2011, it corresponds to a ship museum replica of the Esmeralda corvette sunk on May 21, 1879, in the Pacific war.

In this place, you can see various recreations on a real scale from what would have been life inside the Corvette, with the officer’s cabins, the boilers, the deck and the deck with the guns.

Sunbathing at Cavancha beach: the beautiful beach of white sands, warm waters and gentle waves located in the center of the city, bordered by an attractive waterfront, where recreational activities, gastronomic spaces, and green areas are concentrated.

In this northern part, the waves increase, bringing together many athletes who practice between their waters, body board, surf, windsurfing and water skiing.

Naturals pools Coach de Pica: an oasis in the heart of the Atacama Desert, located 117 km from Iquique, a place that enchants by its natural pools among the rocks, with thermal waters that border the 30 Degree C.

One of its greatest attractions is the tasting of exotic agricultural products such as mangoes, guavas, grapefruit, oranges and the famous lemons of pica, acidic fruit used in the exquisite preparation of pisco sour of the sea.

A walk to La Tirana: a small rural village located 72 km from Iquique, characteristic for its altiplano appearance with adobe constructions, a central street and a picturesque church typical of the northern peoples.

Its main importance lies in the colorful party that hosts every July 16 in honor of the Virgen de la Tirana, which summons about 250,000 tourists, who intermingle with dance guilds from all over Northern Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

Zona Franca shopping: a day of buying products without taxes is certainly one of the must do in this city, touring hundreds of stores in a 240-hectare site, located north of downtown.

In the Free Zone, known as Zofri, there are about 1,650 companies that sell tax-exempt goods, although most of them are dedicated to selling wholesale products, there are sites such as the Zofri shopping center, which has about 600 stores, allow you to buy products per unit, such as perfumes, appliances, electronics, computer equipment, toys, clothes, etc.

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