Explore and Enjoy San Francisco

San Francisco is located at north of California State, in United Stated, is a hilly city on the tip of a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay.

As its nickname says “City of the Bay”, San Francisco’s distinctive terrain is made up of water on one side and hills on the other side; it provides a view and experiences that can only happen here.

San Francisco has become an essential destination in the road-map of all those who love travel because they want to see:

Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge of 1280 meters in length and 227 high is the symbol of the city. The bridge links the San Francisco peninsula to the North with South Marin and is one of the longest and tallest suspension bridges in the world.

The Golden Gate Bridge can be seem from dozens of places, but the best of them is the Dana Bowers viewpoint that besides the privileged views of the bridge, the city of San Francisco and the Bay, has some other attractions:

Blue Star Memorial Highway: a tribute to the United States Armed Forces.

The Lone Sailor Memorial: a statue dedicated to the infancy of the Navy, the coast guard and the merchant Navy.

Compass Rose: commonly called “rose of the winds” is a figure used to show the orientation of the cardinal points.

To get to Dana Bowers viewpoint, just have to cross the Golden Gate to the North.

Alcatraz Island is a small island located in the center of San Francisco Bay. In it is located the Alcatraz Lighthouse, and was formerly used as a military fortification, as a military prison and later as a federal prison until 1963. It became a national part and received the designation of National Historic Landmark in 1986.

Today, the island is a historic site operated by the National Park Service as part of the Golden Gate National Park and is open for visitors. Tourists can reach the island by ferry from Pier 33, near Fisherman’s Wharf. Is an amazing and must place if you are in San Francisco.

Pier 39 is the most well known pier in the San Francisco Bay. With shops, restaurants with seafood and entertainment for children and adults, it is a place you cannot miss. In addition, from the pier you can see the sea lions enjoying the sun.

Pier 39 is a nice place to visit with family, has a nice view to the sea to enjoy the outdoors in a combination with the urban landscape and has excellent access to all means of transport.

Fisherman’s Wharf is a neighbourhood and at the same time one of the most tourist attractions in San Francisco. Within Fisherman’s Wharf we find the famous Pier 39 and there you can buy and eat all sorts of fruits and fish from the sea.

The ships anchored at Fisherman’s Wharf are third generation fisherman, descendants of those who left their lives in the waters of San Francisco Bay, there is also a small church in honor of them.

In this area you also find the San Francisco National Historic Maritime Park, Cannery Mall, Ghirardelli Square and many restaurants and street food offering seafood, famous Dungeness crab and clam chowder.

Chinatown is the oldest in North America and the largest Chinese community outside Asia. Not only is it the home of the entire immigrant community, it has become a tourist attraction for its shops, restaurants, shops, etc.





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