Calgary, a Beauty in Canada

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is located in a region of hills and plateaus, approximately 80 km east of the Rocky Mountains.

Calgary is the largest city in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is located in a region of hills and plateaus, approximately 80 km east of the Rocky Mountains.

This Canadian city is known and will go down in history, as the city that hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics, however, the city has today, many places of interest for tourists looking to do tourism, but also a little of action for all tastes.

Logically you must visit the Olympic Park, not only because of its historical importance, but also because we can release adrenaline in the park for mountain bikes, play hockey, and so on. The park is having its location near the western edge of the city along Highway 1. It is interesting to see the Olympic Walk of Fame as a testament to the games of Calgary and its elite athletes. If you dare, you can go a 60-second ride in bobsleigh with a professional driver, on the Olympic circuit at 120 miles per hour. Obviously, this is not for everyone.

Puppet Theater and the Corn Maze of Calgary:

One of the funniest things you can do in Calgary, especially if you are traveling with family, is to enjoy a puppet show. It is a classic in the city. In addition to their shows, in the theater, they organize workshops for children that are a marvel of creativity and fun.

The maize maze of Calgary is certainly a different attraction, which has become very popular in recent times. This is a plot of pumpkins and a zoo combined. All built in the shape of a labyrinth, with which one has to find his own way back, between different attractions. This fun leisure center is open between July and October.

Eau Claire Market:

This Market is synonymous with the city itself. The market is in constant movement always crowded by the locals and the curious tourists. Located on Calgary Street, the market is an amalgam of colors. They mainly sell food, spices, and handicrafts. There are numerous restaurants in the market, where to pause and eat quietly. The market is a good way to really get into the authentic atmosphere of the city.

Fort Calgary Historic Park:

In this historic park, all buildings are 1915 older, quite the opposite to modern Calgary. It is a very curious and striking contrast. The park comprises 10 hectares that make up a recreated city to be explored, with a school, a fort, a mill, the church, and much more. Also, you can ride the steam train, catch a tram, etc, and travel in time.

Fish Creek Provincial Park:

In the south-western Calgary lies this gigantic park that is wildlife preserve tucked away within the city limits. It has innumerable paths that intersect, to form a kind of labyrinth that delights for strollers. Cyclists and the many animals that inhabit the park.

As a good colophon, you must climb to the top of the Calgary Tower 160 meters above the ground. Then u have to contemplate the spectacular views of the city and extend to the Canadian Rockies.

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