Bogotá, a City with Colonial architectures

Bogotá, officially Bogota Capital District is the capital of the Republic of Colombia and the Department of Cundinamarca.

Bogotá, officially Bogota Capital District is the capital of the Republic of Colombia and the Department of Cundinamarca. Bogotá is the political, economic, administrative, industrial, artistic, cultural, sports and tourism epicenter of the country.

Here you will find inexhaustible cultural offerings and vibrant neighborhoods where you can enjoy the night.

The Candelaria neighborhood:

considered one of the best preserved historical centers in Latin America, it corresponds to a picturesque neighborhood of colonial architectures, characterized by its old houses with three courtyards, latticed windows, carved gates and red tile roofs.

Its center point is the Bolivar square, the city’s founding place, surrounding by important institutional and religious building such as the National Capitol, the Justice Palace. The Liévano Palace, the First Cathedral of Bogotá, the Chapel of the Tabernacle and the Archiepiscopal Palace. In the surroundings of this one, you can find numerous churches of XVII century. Also diverse museums dedicated to the colonial heritage and contemporary art.

Gabriel García Márquez Cultural Center:

This cultural space is located in La Candelaria, hosting exhibition spaces, bookstore, educational classrooms and commercial premises. Among its main attractions, there is the immense bookstore of the Fund of Economic Culture. With more than 100,000 volumes, it is a paradise for lovers of books with the most varied themes.

The building that houses the cultural center, is also interesting, corresponding to a construction inaugurated in 2008. Designed by the famous Colombian architect Rogelio Salmona, with suggestive outdoor walkways. Which allow you to look towards the old city, along of circular tours around 2 central courtyards.

Monserrate Hill:

A mountain of 3,000 meters in height, which receives great appreciation from various points of the city. It is known both for the wide range of outdoor activities that allow its multiple wooded paths and for the beautiful panoramic views that can be obtained from its top.

Also in Monserrate, you can visit the sanctuary of the Fallen Lord, a point of the procession of parishioners who come to witness the sculpture Christ Saint fallen to lashes and nailed to the cross, erected in 1656. The palace can be climbed by foot, by cable car or funicular.

Guatavita Lake:

Its location is 75 km from the city, corresponds to a lagoon at 2,990 meters of altitude. The lake is famous for being the place of the ancient legends of the Dorado. According to which the cacique Muisca, filled the lagoon with gold and treasures, as an offering and symbol of worship to the water goddess.

The village located in its surroundings was built in the sixties. In order to relocate the inhabitants of the old town that would be submerged by the construction of the Tominé Reservoir. Its urban design refers to the colonial period, with white houses with clay tiles and small squares.

Colpatria Tower:

Location is in the financial district of the city, it corresponds to one of the most representative tourist sites of Bogota and the highest skyscraper of Colombia, reaching the impressive height of 196 meters.

Its greatest attraction corresponds to its viewpoint in the floor number 50. Here you can get spectacular panoramic views of the center. During the night, the tower usually glows with LED lights.

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