The Big Apple: New York New York!

New York, perhaps, is the target of many tourists because it is a city that does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a city that makes your emotions,Magnify...

New York, perhaps, is the target of many tourists because it is a city that does not leave anyone indifferent. It is a city that makes your emotions, whatever they are, magnify.

New York belongs to the State that also has its name, New York in the United State and is among the largest and most populated agglomerations in the world. This city is considered a global city. Because of its worldwide influence in the media, politics, education, entertainment, arts, and fashion. The artistic and cultural influence of the city is one of the strongest in the world.

New York is the headquarters of the United Nations, which also makes it an important point in international relations. The enormous importance of the city at all levels makes it, together with London, Tokyo and Paris, one of the most outstanding and influential cities on the planet.

If you still do not know what to see in New York, here are some ideas:

Central Park

This is a large public urban park of 341 hectares in extension. With about 25 million visitors a year, Central Park is the most visited park in the United States. Inside there are artificial lakes and several trails that traverse many trees and flowers is ideal for a picnic.

Among the recommended activities, you can go boating, cycling or visit the Central Park Zoo, and even The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In this park are also several free events during the summer as the classic “Shakespeare in the Park”.

Empire State Building

This is the highest skyscraper in New York today, after the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001. It has observatories with free terrace on floor 86 and 102 that allow the tourist a spectacular view of the entire city.

A must-see when visiting Empire State is its flight simulator, the New York Skyride, which runs on the second floor of the building and takes the traveler on a virtual flight through the main attractions of the city.

The Empire State Building is on the Fifth Avenue, near the Broadway Circuit, Metropolitan Museum and Madison Square Garden.

Statue of Liberty

It is the most iconic symbol of New York City and it means “Liberty Enlightening the world”. It is in existence by the commemoration of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Its location is on the Liberty Island, South of Manhattan Island. Near the mouth of the Hudson River and near Ellis Island.

The Statue of Liberty can be visited by ferry. Although it is a suggestion to hire it with days in advance as it is a high demand  walk . The same usually includes the visit to Ellis Island where the Immigration Museum’s location is at.

You can reach the top of its base where observatory is having location overlooking the city of New York.

Brooklyn Bridge

This is a symbol of the city of New York that connects Brooklyn with the civic center of Manhattan Island. Where the City Hall Park is having its location and crosses the East River.

The figure of the bridge is usually used in many of the photographs and postcards to represent New York City.

Fifth Avenue

Fifth avenue is one of the main avenues on the Island of Manhattan. Its extension is full of luxury apartments and ostentatious mansions being a symbol of the wealth of the city of New York.

Here we also find the most exclusive shopping area in the city with all the important worldwide brands, important restaurants, and coffee shops, between 34th and 59th Streets, including shops such as Saks Fifth Avenue Barney’s.

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