The Best Tourist Attractions in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city on the Pacific coast of Canada; located in the southwest of the province of British Columbia, between the Strait of Georgia and the Coastal Mountains. The city was named in honor of Captain George Vancouver, an English explorer.

Vancouver is the place where incomparable nature and urban entertainment overlap and intertwine, which guarantees you will never get bored. If you have plans for a visit this beautiful city, check the following activities:

Stanley Park is the icing on the cake in downtown Vancouver. This 1000 hectare park provides a green setting for the urban scene and is full of activities that you can do throughout the year. Walk the famous Seawall to experience unprecedented views of the Burrard Inlet or Dig deeper and marvel at its giant trees that still live in this preserved forest.

Enjoy on one of the beaches in the morning and then play a pitch-and-putt round in the afternoon. Stand by the gigantic totems and learn about the First Nations who inhabited these lands. Or, eat a lunch at one of the many restaurants and head to the aquarium to spend the day. Staley Park has been a star attraction for 125 years and will not stop shortly.

Grandville Island is an animated community full of artisans who create unique gifts, passionate foodies who share the fruits of their work and aspiring musicians perfecting their skills. There is always something happening on this island. It is located down a huge bridge near downtown Vancouver.

There is always something happening on this island. You can stop for a cake or spend all day watching shops, delighting your senses in the Public Market or enjoying the entertainment. No matter what you are doing, just do not miss it.

Overcome your fear of heights in style, with help of the 450 feet Capilano Suspension Bridge which hangs 230 feet above the wealthy Capilano River.

Once you have conquered this great bridge, the Cliffwalk, a series of hanging cantilever supports on one side of the cliff above the forest and after these two experiences, there is the adventure in the treetops, which are seven hanging bridges over 250 years old Douglas firs 110 feet above the forest floor.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is full of adrenaline rides that will immerse you in beautiful nature.

FlyOver Canada is a mechanical flight simulation game that takes you through this great country, from the Prairies to the Atlantic Ocean and back to Vancouver, all in less than 10 minutes. You will feel the air in your hair, the breeze against your face, smell the air of nature and you will really feel that you are flying for the first time.

If you want to see all Vancouver, your best bet is to book a panoramic flight tour with Harbor Air Seaplanes because it is part of the world’s largest hydrofoil airplane and offers a variety of different sightseeing options.

Book and take a quick flight over the city and the surrounding mountain, always with your camera ready or try Alpine Lakes and Glacier tour for an unforgettable flight over the Mount Mamquam peaks and a remote alpine lake.



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