An Adventure in Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg is the capital and the city having th largest population of Manitoba in Canada, its location is in the prairies of Western Canada.

Winnipeg is the capital and the city having th largest population of Manitoba in Canada. Its location is in the prairies of Western Canada. It is also the seventh largest city in Canada. The most important in the center of the country and the main city of its metropolitan city area, the Winnipeg Capital Region.

Museums, mysteries, and the real Canadian currency house: immerse yourself in the cultural experiences that forge the character of the capital city of this province amid the prairies.

Here you have some options for enjoying your holidays in Winnipeg:

FortWhyte Alive

FortWhyte Alive is an oasis of wildlife in the city; with an extension of 640 hectares, is having location in the heart of the capital city of Manitoba. The park has all the attractions of an outdoor activity center: fishing, rowing, snowshoeing, skating, skiing and slides, as well as a variety of wildlife (bison, whitetail deer, reptiles, rats Musk and more than 160 species of birds), cultural and historical exhibitions, a farm, restaurants and much more.

Enjoy a hike or bike ride along its more than 6 miles of trails. Shop on canoes and fish in protected lakes. Come face to face with Canadian’s biggest beasts on a bison safari, or design your own adventure.

The real house of the Canadian currency

The real house of the Canadian currency is known as Mint, is definitely an architectural gem. The building is located next to the water, its glass exterior rises from the ground like a huge reflecting pyramid. You will start a tour where you will hold a gold bar of $ 600,000. Here,you will see the gold medals of the Vancouver Olympic Games, whose manufacturing is only on this site.

Each and every one of Canada’s coins, which are billions per year, are minted in these facilities as well as currencies of more than 70 countries. Watch how they do them and get out there feeling that your money is in good hands.

Thermal Nordic Spa:

 if you need to relax after spending a whole day walking the Canadian mountains, you must come here. This Scandinavian spa is the perfect place to relax and free yourself from stress. Dive into the thermal pools for a good time, sweat copiously in the Finnish saunas and indulge yourself with a massage. Then enjoy a lavish dinner, because after so much relaxation you deserve a good meal, right?

Assiniboine Park Zoo

Assiniboine Park Zoo houses about 1,500 animals, in the park of 80 hectares at your disposal for exploring. Just a few minutes from downtown Winnipeg, the zoo will make your travel from continent to continent through its wide variety of species. One of the highlights of the zoo is the Journey to Churchill experience. Watch polar bears swim and play on your head in the underwater tunnels of the Sea Ice Passage.

Explore the different landscapes of Churchill, from the boreal forest to the tundra. Admire the animals that have made this land their home, from leopards to caribou and musk oxen to arctic foxes and wolves.

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg Art Gallery more than 27,000 pieces integrate the collection of the oldest gallery in the country. These works cover almost all eras and places, from statues of ancient Greece to modern photography through paintings of the Renaissance. The gallery also features some of the finest Canadian art that has ever existed. It includes the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit art.

The gallery’s collection was in exhibition in many places, from New York to Tokyo. But nowhere does it look as good as at home. So walk around the gallery, have lunch in the restaurant admiring the sculpture garden on the roof of the building and then let your gaze loosing in this formidable art collection.


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