Devotee land, Uttarkashi

There are two of Four Holy shrines of Hindu mythology (Char Dham) are located in this city.

Anyone could sense the purity in the air and the clean spirituality along with natural surroundings. Uttarkashi is not old was formed back in 1960. It is one of the most visited cities by religious relevance in the area but it remains totally untouched by the industrialism in any form. Apart from religious temples, there are several ashrams in Uttarkashi that offers the various path of meditation etc. Lakes and temples are in great numbers in this town. It just not just a religious experience Uttarkashi will surely be an adventurous experience for those who are familiar with hills. The town is also well known for Nehru Institute of Mountaineering courses for trekking.

For food lovers: This city is popular for small and big eating joints, offering a huge variety of cuisines mainly because of the large diversity of tourists. Both the options of small budget food and luxury dining are available here. Hotel Shiv Dev is quite famous among the tourists.

Here are some places to explore in Uttarkashi: 

  • Dodital Lake:

    Located at a height of 3307 feet, it requires a long day of non-stop trekking to reach this beautiful lake. This lake has crystal clear water and comprises of various nomenclature. One could bring a fishing rod and enjoy fishing here, but only with the permission of Divisional Forest Officer of Uttarkashi.

  • Nachiketa Lake:

    If you are tired of city life then this the perfect place to get away from the buzzing holy town. To reach this lake you need to embark on a trek of 3kms. The trek gives you the entry to ultimate greenery. There’s a picturesque hut on the corner of the lake with white fencing. A visit to this lake will make an everlasting memory in your mind.

  • Nehru Mountaineering Institute:

    if you are new into trekking and want to learn the proper methods to Trek then this could be the best institute. Established in 1965 in the memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The Institute offers rigorous training schedules and techniques. One could get training to climb peaks like Mount Everest. One could get the feeling of thrill and adventure by just looking at the building of the Institute.

  • Vishwanath Temple:

    Vishwanath Temple is named after the famous god/ruler and the caretaker of the world. In short Lord Shiva. This temple is the main religious place out of the four most important places according to Hinduism.   a  The temple houses a Shiv Linga which is about 90cm wide and 60cm high. This shrine (Linga) holds a great significance in Hinduism.

  • Kuteti Devi Temple:

    Located near Vishwanath Temple. Kuteti Devi temple is visited by pilgrims from all around the country. The local people of Uttarkashi consider Kuteti Devi as a major goddess.  Apart from the widely worshiped shrine, this temple is surrounded by plenty of activities and various trekking opportunities. One could just enjoy the relaxing views of the serene waterfalls and lush green cover around it.

  • Dayara Bugyal Trek:

    This Trek is best suited for the Trek enthusiasts. Perfect for those who want to explore the mighty Himalayas at high altitude. The view is clear with many towering snow peaks. Located at an elevation of 3048 m and with an area of 28sqkm, Dayara Bugyal is a perfect example of calmness and nature. In the winters, this Trek becomes an excellent spot for Skiing. You can count the stars precisely as the sky is so clear and unpolluted.

  • Dodital Dayara Pass Trek:

    Located at a high altitude of 3024 m above the sea level. It offers some perfect fresh elements of nature and adventure together. It is situated in the northern park of Uttarkashi and is covered by a thick cover of pine, oak and deodar woods.  There’s lake after climbing the Trek, which is known for its beautiful collection of rare fished and the Himalayan Golden Trouts. This place is blessed with beauty making it a paradise for nature lovers. Greenery is everywhere eyes can look. During the months of winter, the slope gets covered with snow making it perfect for skiing as well.