The city of past, Surabaya

Being the second largest city in Indonesia, it was the center of Indonesian freedom movement. It also has a diverse culture full of Islamic, Chinese, Dutch and Indonesian influence.

The city is full of tall skyscrapers and heavy traffic a perfect example of a mix between traditional and the modern. This city falls between the way towards Bali, though the city is a big example of modernization still the originality of various cultures retains their influence. There are various places in this city to explore ranging from the botanical garden, Sampoerna, Museum, beautiful churches, mosques and large markets.

This city has something to offer for everyone. The locals of this city usually prefer Bicycle to navigate through the tourist may hire taxis or buses according to their preferences. There’s proper railway network as well. Surabaya is quite conservative when it comes to traditions and culture. It’s people consider it as a taboo to touch anyone’s head irrespective of their age. Furthermore, people consider it uncivilized to use left hands to make payments or to eat. Indonesian traditions expect tourists to dress modestly

For food lovers: Rujak Cingur is the most local salad served with tapioca-peanut sauce and different varieties of meat and vegetables. You could also try Stay Kelp, Pecel, Gado-Gado, semanggi, bakso various desserts including shaved ice. Only the most expensive restaurant offers the authentic cuisine while street food also has the deep connection to the authenticity.

For shopping: It has the largest number of shopping malls in South-East Asia, Tunjungan Plaza and Galaxy Mall are the most important malls that you must visit. If you are into collecting souvenirs you may visit Rood Brug Sorebaia. Pasar Ampel is famous for its colorful heritage with unique food options. Pawar Genteng is another well-known Indonesian market for clothes and food.

Here are some of the top places to visit in Surabaya: 

  • Balai Pemuda: 

    Balai Pemuda is the finest example of Dutch architecture. However, it was mainly constructed as a community hall for the Dutch colonial settlers. Today this structure serves as a cultural center with information booths, marriages and local festivals taking place in its inner halls. The Devoteees celebrates famous festivals in June.

  • Old Town: 

    Its history dates back to the 16th century which makes it the oldest part of the entire city. Every building inside this place must be over hundreds of years old. This old heritage enables hawkers and shops to sell souvenirs around the place. Photographers might find this place perfect for their lens.

  • Ciputra Water Park: 

    It is the biggest water park in Indonesia, a must visit the site for the tourists especially for the children who are craving for fun. There are countless rides and a large wave pool for fun. Rides like Sirens River, Chimera Pool, Marina Lagoon, Sinbad Playground, Roc Tower and Syracuse are some of the famous rides inside this park. This water park has the reputation of the best water park in southeast Asia.

  • Trowulan: 

    It is one of the archaeological marvel and a remnant of Indonesian history. Accordingly, it is widely believed that Trowulan was the former capital city of one of the most majestic Kingdoms in Indonesia (The Majapahit Empire). This place is located about 50kms away from Surabaya. You might need an entire day to explore the depths of this place, with taking photographs. Trowulan is also known is house the biggest sleeping Buddha statue in Indonesia. Visitors could visit Candi Brahu Temple to witness another archeological marvel around South-East Asia.

  • Chinatown: 

    A foundation of Chinese culture, this town is a Buddhist-Taoist area which filled with various shops and temples. This place is heavily crowded and has narrow streets which make it harder to navigate. The cultural influences of Buddhism on all the buildings attract a lot of Photographers with their camera. One could enjoy the local cuisine well while visiting one of the largest Buddhist temples in Indonesia. In the evenings, you could explore the fish market which offers various fishes captured by the locals.

  • Arab Market: 

    This market is very popular for its spices and cheap commodities, Market is a replica of famous North African Bazar. You should visit this market in the day as it gets crowded in the night. One could even do bargaining to revise the rates of the products.

  • House of Sampoerna: 

    It is a museum which known for displaying a collection of tobacco and a cigarette factory. It is one of the oldest building in Surabaya, tourists could purchase artifacts from this museum. A lot of information lies inside the museum about the history of Sampoerna.