A Visit to Magical Continent, Brasil

From so many years my eyes were on the South America, and despite few challenges. However, I managed to visit there last month

I experienced many of the must-sees in the magical continent. Brazil and Chile were most liked one, but there are few more surprises to check by everyone.

Paraty-Brazil, I found Paraty a perfect place for adventure, as it’s a home of gold diggers, cachaca, and pirates. As a tip, you can start exploring the old streets of the city center first, but you need to be careful, not to get caught during high tide. Later on I set out to hike the old Caminho do Ouro and due to a lot of excitement, I forgotten to take a dip in the natural pools. But I would suggest you not to forget, as it will be amazing to test your inner devil.   

Chile, to me Chile was a spindly-looking country with dry deserts and glacial icecaps, but it is constant warm heart. I was welcomed by the locals in a very friendly manner. In a short sentence, I can say Chile is perfect for adrenalin Junkies and cultured foods.

Banos de Auga Santa-Ecuador, I was surprised to visit this place as it has amount of activities to offer to the adventure enthusiasts. Zip lining, hiking, & canyoning theses were the three outdoor adventures that made me really confused. In order to get a better view at a statue of the Virgin Mary, I set to tackle more than 800 stairs that was not less than an adventure for me.

San Pedro de Atacama, An adorable desert town full of hippie restaurants, ice-cream shops, and bars. The dramatic surrounding landscape includes salt flats, desert, geysers, volcanoes, and hot springs.

Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, It’s a blend of city, beach, food, music and dancing. Rio de Janeiro became my favorite destination. I easily had fallen in love with tanning on Copacabana beach, drinking caipirinhas as the sun goes down and dancing to the rhythm of samba.

Galapagos Island-Ecudar, The most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever travelled. Wherever my eyes used to go, the place was teeming with wildlife. I also got a spectacular view while on the boat from Isla Isabela to Isla Santa Cruz. I saw the largest pod of dolphins and huge devil rays flipping out water.

Torres Del Paine National Park-Chile, Its soaring mountains, bright blue icebergs that were cleaving from glaciers and grasslands. I found this park the finest national park of South America.

Sacred Valley, The main attractions are the markets and the lofty Inca citadels of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, but the valley is jam-packed with other Inca sites. The adventure activities range from rafting to rock climbing.

Honestly speaking, South America came out to be a worthwhile adventure that I believe everyone should experience. Before visiting there, I was not sure what to expect. But, whatever I got now is an amazing experience of wide variety of adventures along with all types of spectacular sceneries.


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