The Beach and pilgrimage, Puri

Puri jaggarnath, one of the must-visit pilgrimage sites for the followers of Hinduism.

Puri famous for a beach city and its famous attraction as the Jagannath temple. Furthermore, it is the resting place of Lord Shiva according to popular Hindu belief. This beach city is situated in the state of Orissa and shares its border with the cost of Bay of Bengal. Hindu mythology places the Jagannath temple as one of the most sacred temples.

The history of Puri dates back to the 3rd century B.C. Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar complete the Golden Triangle of Orissa with their religious significance and cultural heritage being the centers of tourism in this state. Nature is wide and vivid near the region of Puri, one must visit Chilika Lake, Gundicha Ghar and the very famous Sun temple of Konark. Major companies like Tata have placed their foundation in Puri soon it is expected that Puri will turn into an industrial hub. The biggest event in the city is the religious event of Rath Yatra which takes place in the month of June-July should not be missed if you are planning to visit during this time.

For food lovers: Puri’s nature as religious place makes most of the restaurants to serve pure vegetarian food in their premises. Shores of the beaches are the best place to spot the best seafood. Hawkers are everywhere near the beach frying and roasting fishes and various seafood. You also have the local Oriya cuisine which is quite similar to the South Indian cuisine. You can get stalls of Chinese cuisine which are just lip-smacking.

For shoppers:  Puri is quite famous for handicrafts. Brass items, shell products, wood carvings, handloom sarees, bangles and other handicraft are among the best buys. Hawkers offer the best value for money deals.

Here are the top places you must visit in Puri: 

  • Sri Jagannath Puri Temple: 

    Sri Jagannath Puri Temple is considered as one of the most majestic monuments of Odisha. The famous king of the Ganga Dynasty Ananta Varman Chodaganga Deva built this religious temple.  This stunning temple, dating back to 12th century, it enshrines Lord Jagannath, Devi Subhadra, and Balabhadra. The Kalinga Dynasty has influenced the architecture of the temple. The temple hosts various festivals in Odisha. The Rath Yatra is the biggest event. As a result, the temple attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. You must be careful from fraud priests and conman who are present from the railway station.

  • .Puri Beach: Located on the fine cost line of Bay of Bengal. The Sun temple is just 35km away from the Puri beach. Sun shines on the pristine waters of the beach making it a worthy experience. , the beach is ideal for holidaymakers looking for some solitude. The water is fine and crystal clear, having calm and peaceful surroundings. People often visit the beach just for a purification dip to pay homage to Lord Jagannath. Visitors often make sand sculptures. The most enticing time at the beach is during the sunrise and sunset. You can also ride camel or horse at the beach. The playful waves of the Ocean make it a good destination for surfers.
  • Jagannath Rath Yatra:

    Most awaited and much-celebrated festival in Odisha as well as countrywide. People celebrate Jagannath Rath Yatra during the months of June or July. This festival is entirely dedicated to Lord Jagannath i.e. Lord Krishna, his sister Goddess Subhadra and his elder brother Lord Bal Bhadra. This festival is also known as the Gundicha Yatra, Dasavtara, Chariot Festival and Navadina Yatra. Thousands of pilgrims pull the Rath carts during the Rath Yatra. Millions of devotees arrive at Puri for this annual event from all over the country and abroad.

  • Chillika Lake: 

    Asia’s largest lake, Chillika lake is sheltered in the heart of the coastal Odisha. It is famous as one of the most beautiful wetlands in the world because it inhabits a vast variety of birds. Over 160 species of birds inhabit the lake in the peak season (peak season- November to February).The Lake and its islands provide shelter to many birds-white bellied sea eagles, ospreys, golden plovers, sandpipers, flamingos, pelicans etc. It is a paradise for all birdwatchers and the boat ride makes it enjoyable to the rest. Water scooters and pedal boats are also available at this place. Sunrise is the ideal time to cruise the lake, you can enjoy the scenic views and the beautiful birds flying all over the place. Chilika is also famous for its seafood like crab and prawn.

  • Narendra Tank: 

    Narendra Tank is one of the largest tanks in Odisha. Even so, it is believed to have been built during the 15th centuryThis tank is considered holy among the local people. As a result, there are lots of temples around it.  You can find an island in the middle of the tank with small temple called Chandana Mandapa.

  • Loknath Temple: 

    It’s popular belief in Odisha, long time ago, Puri was a center of Shiva worship. According to the belief/legend, Lord Ramchandra himself installed the Lingam in the Loknath Temple. The lignum in the temple is always submerged in water. Thousands of devotees visit this temple in a single day.

  • Lakshmi Temple: 

    This temple is situated near the main Jagannath temple, this is a very important temple. According to the popular belief, the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati happened on the sixth day of the fortnight of Jyeshta and they were invited to this temple of Goddess Lakshmi. Devotees in Puri must visit this temple because it plays a significant role in the history.