The Glamorous City- Los Angeles

A fusion of daring innovations and world cultures, Los Angeles situated in Southern California is a traditionally diversified city with wonderful shopping options, amazing museums and honour for artistic centre for America. Internationally, Los Angeles has been widely popular as Hollywood and entertainment industry for enthusiastic actors and actresses. Apart from Entertainment there is lot of interesting things to do in this city. Along with public transportation and new plan of bike sharing makes exploring the city LA more convenient and easy.

From Universal studios to Disneyland, Los Angeles appealing attractions bring tourists again and again to visit with their families. There are many options to add wisdom to your knowledge of the town in terms of culture, art and history. Universal Studios Theme Park, a park with a varied range of breathtaking rides originated on different movie themes. Visitors at the Park are fond of movies and rides like-The Wizzling World of Harry Porter, The Walking head and Simpsons. You can also explore the three block entertainment area with shopping, fine dining and theatre.

A different destination, Santa Monica is both modern and easygoing with residents ranging from surfers and skateboarders to yoga admirers and engineers. Most of the tourists come to enjoy the charming expansion of golden sand and the well known Santa Monica Pier with its symbolic wheel. Visitors will come across lot of experiences in this city of angels. Shopaholics will get lot of options for shopping from designer boutiques to freaky prime stores.

Natural History Museum is famous for having wide variety of dinosaurs has diversified galleries covering various topics. The hall of 14000 square foot presents amazing collection of dinosaur skeleton along with a range of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils, known as production chain highlighting three skeletons from baby to adult. The museum shares natural history of California and areas around the world. For today’s youth Discovery Centre provides interesting experiences.

Griffith Park at Los Angeles is located in the eastern side of Santa Monica Mountains. Being the largest Park of California, it is a comfy to zoo of Los Angeles, The Griffith Observatory, a planetarium, a Greek theatre, riding centre for Olympic Games, Golf courses, Tennis Courts etc. The most delightful experience for public is Griffith Observatory. The interesting feature of the Observatory is you can view the moons and planets in the evening via Zeiss Telescope free of cost. Also you can view the sun using solar telescopes.

Hollywood, a most admired destination among tourists is generally related with film industry and its own unique ancient sites. You might even see a celebrity or actor at the centre of Hollywood or nearby surroundings. Tourists can indulge in various sightseeing options like Hillside Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Boulevard, The walk of Fame and Chinese centre.

Los Angeles, a modern landmark accomplished an economic growth is not only limited to filmmaking but now it sets a remarkable option in tourism industry as well. It is a magical place that includes lot of things to explore but it can be experienced only on a long vacation with family.