Into nature's lap, Nainital

If you are asked to tell about a place where everyone could enjoy then Nainital should come first in your mind.

A perfect escape to celebrate summer vacations, Nainital is a prime destination for honeymooners, nature lovers, and adventurers. This hills station is surrounded by the mountains of Kumaon hills, Nainital has been divided into two different parts named; Tallital and Mallital. A lake dives Nainital into two parts, Tallital falls on the southern side of this lake and Mallital falls in the northern region of this lake. The name “Nainital” has been derived from goddess named Naina Devi, people believe that Nainital has the blessing of Hindu god Shiva. For navigating the city one could rely on minibusses, rented taxis, and Horse rides. Summer is considered as the best time to visit this place but tourists can be seen any season.

For food lovers: Nainital houses a huge variety of cuisines from Chinese, Continental, Thai, Italian to North Indian. But if you want to explore the local cuisine then you should consider Cuisine of Uttarakhand. Baadi, Raas (made of several dals), Bhatt Ki Churkani, Arsa (sweet dish), Gulgula (a sweet snack) are some of the best dishes that you could give a try.

Here are some top places to visit in Nainital: 

  • Naini Lake: 

    Naini Lake is the major tourist attraction in Nainital, located in the middle of the city. It is beautiful and natural freshwater body. The lake is shaped like a kidney. On the north-western side, one could spot the Naini peak, providing a breathtaking view to the visitors. Tourists are highly recommended to visit this lake and witness the charming sunset or the sunrise. On the shores of the lake there’s the famous Naini Temple where devotees pray to goddess named Naina Devi. The visitors may explore the place on foot or hire cycle rickshaws which could take you from one place to another.

  • Naina Devi Temple:

    It is located just near the Naini Lake. 1219m above the sea level and on a hill top in Bilaspur District. Raja Bir Chand constructed this temple in 8th Century. Pilgrims from all across the country regularly visit this temple making it one of the most important destinations of Nainital. The structure of the temple has triangular hillock, this temple is said to be one of the 52 Shakti Peeths of Sati. Various Hindu festivals are celebrated here with immense vigor.

  • The Mall Road: 

    Nainital’s prime shopping destination for the shoppers. It connects the two ends of Nainital. Mall Road is also known for authentic cuisine of the region, Food lovers may relish on their cuisine. For shopping, tourists could purchase the finest woolen products money could buy. In conclusion, Mall Road is the cultural center of Nainital.

  • Eco-cave Gardens: 

    One of the finest place known for its pristine beauty, Eco Cave Garden houses hanging gardens and the great musical garden. There are small six caves inside the garden constructed in the shape of various animals To explore the beautiful fountain, you should watch the musical program along with audio visual effects.

  • South Viewpoint: 

    A perfect location for a Kodak moment, located 3 km south of Nainital. South Viewpoint offers one of the extremely beautiful views of the great Himalayas. A visit to this place will cement an everlasting memory in your mind. This place also houses a small Hindu temple. To climb this place visitor might take the cable car or a taxi. Adventurers could even trek the hills.

  • Naina Peak: 

    This peak is also known as the China peak. It offers a very challenging trek due to its extreme height of 2615m. But the trek offers some of the best views one could imagine. A grandeur of beauty and elegance this peak also offers a glimpse of the Tibetan Border and the famous Nanda Devi peak.

  • Land’s end: 

    As the name suggests Land’s End is almost the end point of Nainital. It is located 4 Km from the main town filled with lush greenery. This place is well known for its picturesque nature, to navigate one could take a horse ride or hire a taxi from the main city.

  • Tiffin top: 

    Situated in the in the Ayarpatta Hill is a famous picnic spot among the tourists. The view from this hill is absolutely stunning covering the entire town. Tiffin Top attracts photographers from all across the nation. Nature lovers must visit this place and explore the nearby terrain. Adventurers are highly recommended to visit this place for adventure sports like rappelling and rock climbing. The ecology of this place is also breathtaking, surrounded by Cher, Oak, and Deodar tress. One could also spot the exhilarating view of Nanda Devi.

  • Governer’s house: 

    Built by famous designer F.W Steven in 1899. It is very similar to the castle in Scotland; the structure is a two-story building which holds 113 rooms. Moreover a garden, swimming pool, and a golf course are also the part of the structure. It used to be a summer residence of Governor of North East Province.

  • The Himalayan viewpoint: 

    A viewpoint situated 5km off Nainital offers some of the most breathtaking views one could imagine. The Himalayan range reflects their beauty to this hill located 2300m high above sea level.

  • Pangot: 

    It is a complete paradise for animal lovers. Pangot is a small district just 15km away from the main town. Pangot is famous for its rich and vivid wildlife. this destination is well known for its collection of exotic birds and various natural resources. You can also spot some migratory birds here. As a result, Pangot attracts a lot of Photographers carrying a camera with telescopic lens trying to capture the perfect moment.

  • Jeolikot: 

    Jeolikot is situated just off the national highway 87. A pristine hill station hill station offering life with colors and butterflies. This place boasts huge varieties of Butterflies. Some of the place in Jeolikot still remains untouched by the tourists. The enchanting colors, greenery and stunning views of the Himalayas make it the perfect destination for emerging poets, artists, and naturalists.

  • Adventure Sports: 

    In Nainital adventurers could expect various forms of adventure sports. Paragliding, Trekking are the major activities to participate. One with a good budget could also enjoy the perks of Diving, Bungee jumping etc.