A historical land, Murshidabad

If you are interested in history then this could be the best tourist destination you could visit. This city has a wide history one could experience the glimpse of Nawabs of the Pre-British era to the Lords from England, making this city a historically rich city.

Today this place combines the beauty of the past with the modern beliefs of the present. One simply can’t call it just city of history or a religious town, nature is also the third crucial part of this city. By visiting this town, you would realize that no matter how forward today technology has brought us, some things are still best experienced on foot. This city is best suitable for the history enthusiasts and students, but religious folks could also enjoy this city. Tourists from the local regions are the major tourist population in this town. (Bardhhaman, Kolkata, Kharagpur).

For food lovers: Though one would argue that this place is not particularly famous for any special cuisine. But you could easily find the best places to enjoy the Bengali Cuisine. One thing that you must keep in your mind that you must buy proper bottled water for drinking instead of local municipal water, water could be contaminated.

For commuting within the city, one could hire cars, buses, and cabs. Different hotels also offer their own cars for extra charges. But it is highly recommended to hire a local taxi or bus as they are cheap compared with any other form of transport.

History of the town: It is considered as one off the major commercial hubs after Kolkata and Durgapur. This town is famous for rich history, Murshidabad is now rather a notorious city, owing to the notorious association of the same with the British rule, and traitor of the Battle of Plassey name Mir Jafar. This city was founded by Murshid Quli Khan who used to be the governor of the Mughal ruler Mohammad Shah. One could spot some of the finest architecture which were built in the European way including the Hazar Duari Palace.

Here are some of the places that you must visit in Murshidabad: 

  • Hazarduari Palace: 

    It is spread over an area of 41 acres, which is quite huge. Then name itself translates to ‘a thousand doors’ as this place has thousand ornamental gateways. But 900 of the doors are real rest doorways are built to confuse any intruder trying to intrude the palace. The architecture of the construction is directly inspired by both Greek and Italian style. This palace is located in on the eastern banks of the Bhagirathi river with an enclosure called the Kila Nizamat. In the past, this palace used to be a regal mansion. Today it stands as a museum which has the unique artifacts like swords, paintings which were owned by the Nawabs. Hazarduari Palace stands tall at the height of 80 feet and has 3 floors. It is the main place to visit if you are visiting Murshidabad. Best place for the history buffs, with many distinctive historical relics. One could enjoy the lavish paintings, antique weapons, and marble statues.

  • Nizmat Inbambara:

    It is placed just on the northern side of Hazarduari Palace. It was constructed in the year 1847 by Nawab Nazim Mansoor Ali Khan Feradun Jah who was the son of Humayun Jah. The extraordinary mosque was built after the Inambara built by Siraj-Ud-Doula got burnt down in a fire. The mosque complex is known to the largest in the West Bengal region.

  • Wasif Manzil: 

    A palace which was constructed by Nawab Wasif Ali Mirza Khan who used to the Nawab of Murshidabad. It is located just on the south end of the Hazarduari Palace. People call it the new place as it was constructed later after the construction of the main palace. There are various marble statues inside the palace will make you feel delighted by their beauty.

  • Madina: 

    Madina is a small mosque between the main palace and Imambara. It is believed to be one of the most religious places in West Bengal.Madina was made to replicate world’s most religious Muslim place, Hazrat Muhammad’s tomb at Madina. The foundation of this Mosque had soil taken from Mecca. The interiors of the mosque have a huge place which can house up to 700 Quran readers. There are two tall towers at the two end of the mosque which height above 70 feet. The structure is based on a rectangular design which divides into five inlets. Each of them has a curved entrance. The mosque also has five dome structures for solo Namaz reader. History lovers would be hugely impressed by the well-defined pattern of Islamic architecture. One could easily spot the inscription on the arches of the mosque which are directly taken from Quran.

  • Nasirpur Palace: 

    It was constructed by the descendants of Debi Singh who used to be a tax collector in the early days of the East India Company. In recent years this palace is also becoming a major tourist attraction. Along with this old palace, one could visit Ramachandra Temple which is one of the biggest temples in the district and The Lakshmi-Narayana Temple which is also quite famous for its Jhulanjatra celebrations (A local festival).

  • Moti Jheel: 

    In Murshidabad it one of the best places for nature lovers. It is beautiful lake which reflects both Indian and British history. In the early days, there used to be palace near this lake which got perished over time. The lake is beautifully shaped like a horseshoe which was excavated by Nawazesh Mohammad. Later the palace near the lake became a residence to Lord Clive and other important British Lords. Due to this British influence over the lake people called the region as ‘Company Bagh’.

  • Murshidabad District Museum: 

    The construction of this museum was started in 1965 but it took a long time to complete the construction. The museum was opened to the public in 1985. The museum houses a lot of artifacts, Black stone sculptures, early potteries, Manuscripts are rare are some of the examples. Sadly, photography inside the museum is strictly prohibited. The entry fee is just 5 INR.

  • KathGola: 

    It is located few miles off Murshidabad. It was constructed to entertain the European and Muslim guests during their visits to the district. This place is more than just a palace, with its endless gardens, ponds, a temple devoted to Adinath and a statue of famous painter Michelangelo makes it a worthy place to visit.

  • Footi Mosque: 

    This mosque was constructed by Nawab Sarfraz Khan. The structure of the mosque is still incomplete, there’s a popular legend that it has been built in just one night.

  • Katra Mosque: 

    It is one of the striking tourist spot of Murshidabad district. It is well maintained by the local authorities, built in 1724 by Murad Farash Khan who was a devoted follower of Murshid Quli Khan. This mosque is also a tomb to Quili khan. People believe that this mosque was built after Murshir Quli Khan expressed his desire to be buried in a mosque.

  • Shopping: 

    So far History buffs and natures are satisfied by the perks of Murshidabad, now it’s time to quench the thirst of the shopaholics. Murshidabad is filled with the rich and diverse culture of Bengal, this city if quite famous when it comes to shopping, ranging from fine handicrafts to exotic saris. One could find almost anything and everything in this destination. Brassware and copperware is quite famous in this place which could make a good souvenir of this beautiful city. You explore the huge varieties of traditional Bengali muslin and silk sarees here which are unique in their own way. The ‘jamdani’ is one of the best-known variety of Bengali muslin cloth and clothing. One could also find the finest Bengali sweets in this region.