The epicenter of cultural diversity, Medan

It is the fourth largest city in Indonesia and is known for its immense diverse nature in the country.

Having population from various kinds of Asian ethnicities, such as Chinese, Javanese, South Indians, Some Indonesian tribes. This diversity has made a web of vibrant culture, it is must visit for one who likes to explore various cultures. The city offers plenty of food and sights making a destination rather than just a transit point to other Indonesian cities. One could spot Dutch buildings, mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples, churches and various other places of worship. Medan is also a developing city, so you could easily spot the traits of a busy city life.

In other words, Medan has an interesting contrast between old and new. Each ethnic group from Medan contributes to its rich culture. Providing different cuisines to the tourists making it an excellent place for food lovers. Taxis, motor-driven carts, and buses are main means to explore Medan. However it is highly recommended to hire only metered taxis as frauds are common these days. Due to the heavy traffic in rush hours one could explore the city by just walking.

For food lovers: This place is meant mainly for food lovers across the globe. You can find all kind of food from all over Asia. Sundanese food, Javanese food, Indian food, Chinese food, Balinese food and various kinds of fusion are available in abundance in this place. Coffee is a prime beverage in Medan, you could find some of the finest coffee beans in this city.

For shoppers: Sun Plaza and Cambridge Square malls are the most popular malls in Medan. There’s a central market which opens at 4:00 am till 10:00 am in the morning, offers a vast variety of fruits, vegetables, spices and other products which are fresh from nearby plantations.

Here are some top places to visit in Medan: 

  • Mesjid Raya: 

    It is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture in Medan, also one of the largest mosques in the city. It is a mesmerizing hybrid of Middle-Eastern, Spanish as well as Indian architecture. The structure of the mosque is made of marble and the windows are made up of stained glass. Standing in an immaculate octagonal design it is best to place to explore culture history and architecture of Medan.

  • Annai Vellangkanni:

    Annai Vellangkani was built in 2005. Moreover, it is famous for its diversity present in Medan. Indo-Tamil manner resembles the structure of the temple. It is a must visit place for history lovers and archaeologists.

  • Tjong A Fie Mansion: 

    One of the best examples of history Medan has to offer, A beautiful mansion also known as ‘A historical jewel in Medan’. It is a historical as well as a cultural heritage building and museum. Having a great history and beautiful structure makes it a perfect picturesque building in Medan. Tjong A Fie used to be a Chinese businessman who built this mansion for his wife. Best place for photographers and culture enthusiasts.

  • Sri Mariamman: 

    constructed in 1884, This temple represents the influence of Indian culture. As a result, the view itself is a treat to the eyes. The temple is completely dedicated to the Tamil Goddess Mariamman. One of the finest pieces of architecture, this temple attracts a lot of tourists from India.Finally, the visitors could enjoy the Indian cuisine near the temple premises.

  • Maimoon Palace: 

    Deli Sultanate constructed this temple during their reign which is often referred as the golden period. This palace was constructed by them. One could find artifacts inside the palace and a throne room accessible to the public. On every Saturday and Sunday afternoons, musicians play traditional music. By the nearby market offers some of the best traditional costumes tourists could purchase.