A historical land, Malda

Malda is all about the history of civilization, making it a perfect place for history lovers and archaeologists. It is located in the deep interiors of the West Bengal.

About 350 km from Kolkata. History is literally written all over the city of Malda. One can see the glimpse of pre-colonial Nawabs to the East India company (British). This city is known to enthrall the visitors with visual splendor. Along with history the city also has religious footprints and beliefs that attract a lot of religious people.

For food lovers: The city is generally quite famous for its Bengali Cuisine.  but apart from that Malda is quite popular for its varieties of Mangoes which includes the famous Himsagar and Gopalbhog. Summer is the best time to taste of the nectar of these delicious mangoes. Bengali desserts also makes Malda famous. The most popular ones are Kansat Chamcham and Rosokadama.

Navigating in the city is quite simple. There are various forms of transport in the city ranging from buses, taxis, autos. In fact the municipality of the region fixes the fare so don’t rely on anyone else.

Here are few places that you must visit in Malda: 

  • Dakhil Darwaza: 

    It is one of the most important monuments in the region. Situated in Gaur, Dakhil Darwaza is the last ruins of an old castle from the late 15th century. The gate itself is a gateway to a fort.  In the south-eastern corner of the fort, one can find high walls which enclose the ruin of the old Palace. Canons were used to fire from the gate which gave it the famous name of Salami Darwaza

  • Firoz Minar: 

    This minar is just a kilometer away from the Dakhil Darwaaza. Firoz Minar was built during the Sultan Saifuddin Feroze Shah’s reign. The structure is a five-story tower which is often touted as the Malda’s Qutab Minar. The tourist has option to visit the top of the tower and get the glance of the nearby surroundings.  In addtition Pir-Asha-Minar or the Chiragdani also famously known as the Tuglaqi style of architecture.

  • Chamkati Masjid Chika Mosque: 

    Constructed in 1475 by Sultan Yusuf Shah. The name of the mosque has unique origins.  It is known as the Chika Mosque because it sheltered a number of Chikas i.e. bats. One can see beautiful Arabic cravings inside the mosque although they may have faded away with time. The mosque has various features of Hindu architecture of its time.

  • Kadam Rasul Mosque: 

    The name is derived from the stone tablet, which believed to have the real footprints of Prophet Muhammad. This stone tablet is kept inside the mosque which was built in 1530 by Sultan Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah. The structure comprises of four black in the four corners of the mosque. Furthermore opposite to this mosque is Fateh khan’s tomb who used to the commander of the Aurangzeb army. The structure of this mosque has the influence of Hindu architecture.

  • Luko Churi Gate:

    Luko Churi Gate is built on the southeast corner of Kadam Rasool Mosque. It is designed in Mughal architecture by Shah Shuja in 1665 Kings used to play the game of hide and seek in this place with their Begums. This double-storied Darwaza operated as the main gateway to the palace.

  • Adina Park: 

    This park is about 20km away from the city, Malda. It is an excellent location to have a glimpse of numerous deer in their natural habitat. Cheetals and Nilgai are some famous species here. The park comes under the jurisdiction of the forest department, it also serves a migratory home to migratory birds.

  • Adina Mosque:

    This mosque gives us a strong resemblance to the great mosque of Damascus as it has bricks designed with stone. Sikandar constructed the Adina Mosque during the Mughal period in 14th century. It used to be the largest mosque in India during its time.  However, time has faded away construction’s former marvelous glory.

  • Malda Museum: 

    Located off Bandh Road; this museum is known for preserving the architectural and anthropological evidence which dates to the ancient times. It is the best place for history lovers who are looking to explore the history of the city.

  • Gour: 

    Located near the banks of river Ganges. Gour is best known to the people who are looking to explore the truly rich and diverse history of Bengal. In addition it is believed to be one of the oldest residential colonies existing in the state. But now the place has turned into a ruin, its unique history, and picturesque architecture is the main focal point for the tourists. This used to be the ancient capital of Bengal. Gour has various ancient monuments and their ruins within its perimeter. The most popular ones are the following: Baba Darwaza, Eunuchs Mosque, Tantipar Mosque, Dakhil Darwaza, Kadam Rasut Mosque and Firoz Minar. It is one of the best places to discover and rediscover history.

  • Barodaouri Mosque: 

    It is the largest Mosque in the Malda region. The name of mosque means 12 doors, but it has only 11.  Allauddin Hussein Shah completed the construction before his death. His son Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah completed the construction later on.  Built in Arabic style architecture.Barodaouri Mosque used to be the first of its kind.