The modern port city, Makassar

Though once ruled by Pjajaran Dynasties and face the Dutch colonial rule. Today It is the largest port in East Indonesia, a cosmopolitan city which is a center for tourists from all over the world.

Makassar is known as the largest trade center. This city is relatively more modern with its modern traits, but also houses traces of traditional Dutch architecture in a few places. Pantai Losari is the most famous part of the city, mainly for its beach and surfing sites. Tourists are often spotted with a camera with telescopic lenses taking pictures of the beautiful surroundings. There’s a floating mosque; Masjid Amirul Mukminin. Besides all the traditional traits, the rest of the city is just like any other metropolitan city. Makassar has world’s largest indoor theme park. The city is known for its sweltering heat in most of the seasons, so tourists may use bicycles or a taxi to roam around the town because the sun will fry you if choose to walk.  

For food lovers: This city is well known for its fiery Sulawesi Cuisine. One could totally relish their taste buds on the famous cuisines. Coto Makassar is considered as the most popular dish (Soup dish consisting of cow meat and innards like intestine, lung etc.). Visitors may also try the delicious rice cakes popularly known as Burasa. Spicy beef soup is also famous in the region along with the popular dessert Pisang Jo which is basically plantain served with sweetened shaved ice.

For shoppers: You could visit various emerging shopping malls in the Southwest area of Makassar. There are various stalls near the beach selling traditional snacks. Cheap clothes are also available in some areas.

Here are some top places to visit in Makassar: 

  • Losari Beach: 

    It is considered as the main attraction at Makassar, this beach is famous for serene beauty and its floating mosque. This beach is the most crowded area at Makassar, but this problem of the crowd gets resolved once the visitor enjoys the pleasantness of the environment. Numerous food stalls can be found near the beach offering some of the finest delicacies. The famous floating mosque is an extreme visual treat to the eye. The structure of the mosque appears to be floating from few angles. One must experience the ultra-delightful view of both sunrise and sunset of Losari beach.

  • Fort Rotterdam: 

    It is an example of a remnant of Dutch colonial rule during the 1600s. This fort is composed of old Dutch buildings, a few of them have been converted into museums. There’s no entry fee is explore the fort though one may hire a guide to get a complete knowledge about the museum.

  • Pasir Putih: 

    It is a small Island located off the coast of Makassar. This place is known for deep-sea diving and surfing, an adventurer may find this place perfect for their thrill. This island is accessible by boat, the island is not so popular among the tourists which make it less crowded (perfect for solace seekers). There’s a native village inside the island, tourists could explore their culture while visiting this island.

  • Malino: 

    It is a small remote village which is surrounded by tea plantations. It is situated about 90 kilometers away from Makassar, the drive towards this remote location is filled with breathtaking views. This area is situated in a high-altitude region, often the plantations of tea get surrounded by floating clouds. This location is no so popular among the tourists but one should visit it in order explore the hidden depths of Makassar.

  • Paotere Harbour: 

    It is the oldest harbor in Indonesia. From the colonial days, this port has been the major trading hub with its colorful ships and boats. Tourist can take boat rides at a very affordable rate while enjoying some of the best views of the sea.