Into small isles, Lombok

This island is situated in the India Ocean and a part of the Lesser Sunda Islands. People also call it as “an unspoiled Bali”

In the recent time, it has become a major tourist destination with its beaches and surfing sites. This island is famous for its immense natural beauty with its waterfalls and high mountains. Their culture is quite reserved unlike Balinese people, so you must wear clothes that are not too showy even on the beach. Displays of public affection may be considered offensive in some parts.

This island has been the habitat to Sasak, Dutch and Balinese Presence since the early Seventeenth century. Today Sasak culture is the dominant form of culture in the island though you can spot some Dutch presence in the Island in the form of food as well as their architecture. Islam has the major influence on Lombok although it also has the influence of Hinduism and Buddhism as well. For navigating the city one could easily hire bus, taxi, car rental, motorcycle or bicycle to. Cidomo is a horse driven cart which is the main mean of transport on Gili islands.

For food lovers: One could say that the cuisine in Lombok is quite similar to Malaysian cuisine. Ayam Taliwang, the Daging Tum and the Bebek Betutu are some popular options in Lombok. Seafood is also the major part of their cuisine. During the season of Ramadan, some restaurants might remain closed, but hotels and resorts have their kitchens operational even during Ramadan.

For shoppers: Lombok is quite popular for its wide range of handicrafts, pottery, weaving, traditional dresses etc. Local artists are often spotted on the island creating something. Lombok has no major malls or brands, but who explores a traditional city for big brands?  You will definitely love their unique products offering huge value.

Here are some top places to visit in Lombok: 

  • Pura Meru: 

    It is considered as the largest and most visited Hindu temple in entire Lombok. It was constructed for the trio of Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The structure of the temple is huge that you may get lost in its premises, it is a must visit place for history lovers around the world. Hindu pilgrims often visit this temple with huge devotion.

  • Pura Lingsar: 

    It is known as the holiest temple in Lombok, located right in the center of rice fields. This place has both Hindu and Muslims visiting their respective deities. For Hindus, Pura Gaduh is the deity and for Muslims, Wektu Telu is their deity. This place of worship also shows the level of religious tolerance.

  • Mayura Water Palace: 

    It used to be the palace of the former king of Lombok but now it used as a public park. One could visit this palace to explore the former glory of this site. Historians and archeologist are often spotted in this palace exploring the depths of this place.

  • Pura Batu: 

    It is a popular Hindu temple along with a sunset point. This place is meant for both religious and nature lovers, located just 2 kilometers away from the Senggigi. It is the best place for travelers looking for a local Hindu culture and tradition along with perks of a beautiful sunset.

  • Gili Trawangan: 

    Gili Islands are a group of three small islands which have become a popular tourist destination in the rent years. It is an eco-friendly area with no cars, if you want to explore the area then you can hire a bicycle on Rent or walk around the island. It is assured that the beautiful serene view will delight your mind and will make you feel relaxed.

  • Mount Rinjani Trek: 

    It is one of the active volcanoes is the Lombok islands, now trekking has become a popular activity in the region. One could explore one of the finest views while trekking the mountain, photographers often get attracted to this place like honey attracts bees.