Largest District of Bengal, Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri Is known as the largest district of North Bengal. This city is surrounded by the borders of Bhutan (in the north) and Bangladesh (in the south). In the recent years, it has become a quite famous tourist place mainly known for the numerous tea gardens, rice farms and heavy downpour.

Though it considered as a tourist destination it is comparatively less crowded. Therefore it is a perfect place for the nature lovers and solace seekers. The city has large tea gardens similar to Darjeeling. But the city is full of rice plantations cause the region falls in a sub-tropical zone. You can find hills which are covered with lush green bushes. The scenery is almost breathtaking and vivid. People having a small budget can explore this place.

Food lovers: The place is mainly famous for traditional Bengali cuisine. Try Mach Bhaat (Fish and rice) and the famous Phuckas (Golgappa). You can also find restaurants providing normal cuisine available in any metropolitan city.

The visitors and tourists can use buses and shared rickshaw to navigate throughout the city. Due to the small size of the city the attractions are located near to each other. You can explore entire Jalpaiguri in just one day.

Here are few places that you must visit in Jalpaiguri:

  • Buxa National Park:

    This park is situated at Alipurduar of West Bengal. It’s the main tourist destinations in Jalpaiguri, it has become the most preferred destination for most tourist who visits Jalpaiguri. This national park is meant for adventure enthusiasts and eco-travelers due to its extraordinary terrain conditions. Casual visitors might also like the park. In addition there’s reserve for endangered tigers.

  • Gorumara  National Park: 

    Established as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1949. The foothills of the Himalayas houses the Gorumara National Park in the Terai region. Located in one of the remote location. Beauty and landscape are the key features of this National Park. It attracts a whole bunch of tourists for nature walks, trek and wildlife gazing. The government of West Bengal declared it as a national park in 1994.

  • Murti River: 

    Murti river is situated about 9km away from the city of Jalpaiguri. Located between the dense forest, gives a spectacular and noteworthy view of the nearby vistas. You can also expect to spot wild animals like Elephants, Rhinos, Deer etc. The river gives an extremely delightful view. However, river Murti is famous for its violent streams. It carries away anything at a rapid speed.

  • Mendabari Fort: 

    Situated on the bank of river Baniya. Mendabari fort is famuos as Nalraja garh. The history of this fort dates back to the ancient period of the 5th The fort can be a huge delight for archaeologists and history enthusiasts. Inside the fort, you can explore the history of the fort and nearby civilization.

  • Buxa Duar park: 

    Located on the outskirts of the Jalpaiguri District. Buxa Duar Park has a densely forested area which also has a reserve for tigers. This trek gives the visitors an opportunity to explore the wildest mysteries of the Jungle life. Visitors get a chance to observe the animals in their natural habitat. It is a trek of about an hour which takes you to Buxa Duar and Buxa tiger reserve. It is one of the most popular treks in the area which offers ample amount of Flora and Fauna.

    This trek is said to be the living shadow of the past of this region. There’s a high chance that you might sport migratory birds in the region, making this place to be an epitome of solitude, peaceful ambience and stunning mountain views. It is completely noteworthy experience which away from the hustle bustle of the city crowd. While trekking you must carry sufficient water to drink although resorts offer decent food and water.