The capital of diversity, Jakarta

It is the capital of Indonesia, known as the cultural, economic and political center of the nation.

Jakarta represents the blend of culture and modernism at one place. Therefore this city is crowded and shows the traits of typical city life. But tourists can explore the blend of many Asian and Southeast Asian cultures. One could find old Dutch buildings and Chinese temple complexes in the West Jakarta and the modern North Jakarta. This city also offers various activities like deep-sea diving, awesome nightlife. For navigating within the City Buses are the best option to explore the city, both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses are available for the public. Tourist may even consider the option of traveling Tongas and scooters for the inaccessible corners of the city.

The government of Indonesia acknowledges six major religions in the entire country including Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism. But comparatively, Islam is the predominant religion of the region. Being a hot region all the tourists are advised to carry sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun and sufficient water to quench their thirst without getting dehydrated. Jakarta is a polluted city you should carry a mask if you are alergic.

For food lovers: This city is heavily influenced by both history and modernization in terms of its cuisine. However the cuisine ranges from a beautiful mélange of spicy, sweet and sour food. But the best could be explored from ubiquitous street hawkers at the corners of the street. Basko (Beef meatball), Satay Ayam (Chicken marinated in a unique blend of spices), Indo Soto Mie (Indonesian noodle soup) and Gorengan (fried Fruit/Vegetables/bean paste/pineapple) are some of the famous cuisines in this city. The most popular fruit in Jakarta is durain. This fruit is mostly used in the Indonesian desserts. Surprisingly one could find Chinese and Indian restaurants as well.

For shoppers: This city is famous for its antique markets; best antique markets can be found in the old town and near Sunda Kelapa. Consequently, you can find artifacts ranging from old records to memorabilia from the Dutch period. The markets will give delight to the collectors with their collection.

Here are some top places to visit in Jakarta: 

  • Merdeka Square: 

    Located in the middle of Jakarta. It also is known as the largest square in the world. Furthermore this square has enormous historical significance to Indonesia, it is a symbol of Indonesian freedom. Merdeka Square has a picturesque architecture with richly designed architecture. There is a hall of Independence located within the building, inside the hall, you’ll see various beautiful and stunning sculptures and works of art dedicated to Indonesian freedom. National Museum of History is also present near it which is famous for its rich cultural history and heritage.

    Merdeka Square is surrounded by other important government buildings, there’s a beautiful statue of Arjuna Wijayal depicting a famous scene from the Mahabharata where the characters Arjuna and Krishna on their way to a battle. Therefore Merdeka Square is the best place for photography and suitable for casual picnics. The beauty of the place is at its peak at night.

  • Tamam Mini Indonesia: 

    Situated in the East of Jakarta. Tamam Mini Indonesia is famous as “ the whole country in one park”. In addition, this theme park is known for showcasing the entire Indonesian culture. The title of the park “Taman Mini Indonesia” literally translates into Miniature Indonesia presenting various aspects of the Indonesian culture. Inside the theme park, there are replicas of 26 existing tribes throughout the country, there are various pavilions displays their exclusive style of art and craft. It has a row of the various religious places of worship: Buddhism, Catholic, Islam, Hinduism and Protestant Christianity which shows religious harmony present in the region. There’s also a fun center for families with various parks and even an IMAX theater.

  • Jin de Yuan: 

    Built in 1650, between the Chinatown. Jin de Yuan is the oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta. This temple has a historical significance. Created hundreds of years ago. Chinese calligraphy and carvings are inscribed on the wall of the temple. In addition, the tourist may also visit the China Town along with this temple, also be getting the glimpse of Chinese and Indonesian culture.

  • Masjid Istiqal and Gereja Katedral: 

    It is one of the best examples of religious harmony in Jakarta. Therefore these two finest specimen of Islamic and Gothic architecture exists side by side. These two religious places make a beautiful pair, they both are a must visit who comes to Jakarta.

  • Old town and Sunda Kelapa: 

    This place is totally meant for the nature admirers, you could just roam around for hours by food and enjoy the serene view. Afterward you could also visit the cultural museums like the Puppet Museum and the Jakarta Historical Museum nearby. Sunda Kelapa is the oldest port in Indonesia. Furthermore, it served as a trading port. This port is filled with beautiful colored barges making it an excellent place for photography.

  • Menteng: 

    This area represents the peak of modernism Jakarta have achieved.  As a result, this complex is filled with busy traffic and markets. The Jalan Suarabaya market is the main attraction among all the markets. You could find anything in these markets from old edition of valuable books to the rarest collection of Beatles albums. Ultimately It’s quite lovely to walk around this district as gives us the perfect glimpse of both modern and traditional values.

  • Senayan, Jakasa, and Kemang:

    Today Jakarta is as modern as any famous city like London or New-York, so clubs, bars are quite common. As a matter of fact, People often refer Jakarta as the city which never sleeps. There’s everything for everyone with any budgets. For high-end bars, one can visit Senayan with beautiful ambiance and for cheaper places, tourists can go to Kemang for its clubs and bars.

  • Ancol Dreamland: 

    It is the largest amusement park in entire Jakarta. It includes various fascinating rides, adventure tours for children, SeaWorld, the Ancol Beach and an entire fantasy based theme park called the Dunia Fantasy. One could enjoy the boat rides, an art museum and a gigantic selection of food from all around Asia. This theme park has something for people of any age.

  • The Thousand Islands: 

    These are a group of Islands of the Indonesian archipelago. A perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and adventurers and best escape to the hustle of city life in Jakarta. In three to four-hour boat journey the Thousand Islands can be explored. Maccan and Bidadari are the well-known islands of the region, for deep-sea diving, Snorkeling, Paragliding one could visit Tidung, Puncak, Pramuka and Harapan islands. All of the islands have breathtaking scenery and a must visit for any adventure junkie.