Farm of Queen, Ranikhet

Ranikhet was developed as a hills station by the Britishers. Filled with ancient temples, stunning Himalayan hills and forests, a perfect place for the nature lovers.

The climate is cool and simple, soothing to the people. One could explore and freshen up their senses to the core here. It is also quite popular for its Headquarters of the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army. There’s a famous museum called Kumaon Regimental Center Museum. This Museum displays various weapons, photos etc. Ranikhet serves as a great viewpoint to Nanda Devi Peak, Ranikhet is perfect with it trekking ranges, golf courses, temples, mountainous climbs, and orchards. It could be a perfect weekend gateway for people living in Delhi. It could be a paradise for Photographers with its picturesque views. Walking is the best way to navigate in the city. On the other hand, you can also spot local transports like buses, taxis, and jeeps.

For food lovers: Ranikhet is quite famous for its rich and authentic local cuisines. But one could find Chinese, North Indian, European Tibetan and Asian cuisines as well. Popular local delicacies: Rus, Aloo Daal Pakora, Bhang ki daal, Kappa, Susunak Saag, Aloo ke Gutke. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes are readily available. You should also try some traditional sweets such as Bal Mithai, Toffee, Ram Mithai etc.

Here are some places to visit in Ranikhet: 

  • Jhula Devi Temple:

    Built in the 8th century. Jhula Devi Temple is completely dedicated to Goddess Durga. There are elegantly designed hanging bells inside the temple which makes this temple famous. People believe that a visit to this temple could fulfill your wish. You can also visit the famous Ram Temple near it.

  • Chaubatia Orchards:

    This garden is well known for its plums, apricots, peaches, and apples. It is located in the midst of Himalayan ranges offering the stunning panoramic view of the peaks Nilkanth, Nandaghunti, Nanda Devi and Trishul. Visitors should also visit the nearby Government Apple Garden and the famous fruit research center.

  • Golf course:

    It is the second largest Gold course in India, offering various membership plans. Outsiders can also play for a while.

  • Kumaon Regimental Center Museum:

    The Indian Army (Kumaon Regiment) established it in the 1970s. There are various war artifacts in this museum which hold huge historical importance. Most of the artifacts belong to the Garhwal and Kumaon regiments. Ultra-precious artifacts like Rani Jhansi’s silver scepters, documents, and pictures related to the Kargil war can also be explored here.

  • Majhkhali:

    It gives a perfect glimpse of the magnificent Sonya peak. It falls in the route to Almora, filled with natural beauty. The travelers often stop here to capture some beautiful pictures on their way towards Almora.

  • Mankameshwar Temple:

    located near Narisingh Maidan at Pithoragarh. The Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army built this temple.

  • Dwarahat:

    Located in the wonderful Almora district of Uttarakhand. It is a beautiful retreat in the Kumaon Mountains, . It is a beautiful ancient town full of picturesque temples and stunning views. Dwarahat holds special inheritance and religious importance. There are about 55 odd ancient temples built by the Katyuri Kings. Dwarahat is a great representative of architectural grandeur. This old town is often flocked with devotees from all around the country. Dwarahat offers beautiful panoramic views of Himalayan peaks like Kailash Mansoravar, Dunagiri and others.

  • Kalika:

    Located just 6 km from the hill station of Ranikhet. And a small town surrounded by dense forests and snow-covered mountains. This small town is quite famous for Kalika Temple and golf course.

  • Bhalu Dam:

    Bhalu Dam is an artificial lake.  surrounded by dense forests. In the recent years, it has become the perfect picnic spot, surrounded by birds, breeze, and snow-capped valleys. To reach this reservoir you’ll need to climb a 3km Trek.

  • Manila:

    Located at about 1800 meters above the sea level. Manila once used to be a part of the Katyuri Kingdom. Presently it is the home to the popular Maa Manila Devi Temple. Though the size of the town is small but the immense nature it offers has no limits. People are full of traditions and folklore because they deeply believe in their heritage. One could easily relish on the magical and breathtaking landscapes.  surrounded by the tall hills of the Himalayas.