My Inexpensive Visit to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries and is often ignored by budget travelers.

It is pretty sure before you step out of the train or airport, you’ll begin to think when I spend so much of money. And this was the same I was thinking when I step out of airport. But I realized one thing Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And somehow it’s necessary to accept the fact beauty has price. The most importantly the country is safe and everyone has a friendly nature. I loved the time I spent here. As I have visited this most beautiful destination, I have come across some of the few ways to lower the costs. You can proceed further to have vacations in Switzerland that would be easy on your pocket.

To have a Stay on a budget, you can look for private hostel rooms that would cost you 80-120 CHF for two persons a night. Some of the hostels might offer you the free lines, Wi-Fi connection and a onetime meal.

Food that Doesn’t Cost a Lot, eating out can be very pricey. So you can visit the local supermarket and for just 130 CHF you can buy your own groceries. You can also have pre-made meals that can be easily available between 5-9 CHF. For a special lunch you can choose to go for cafes and bars that will cost about 9-15 CHF.

Transportation, around cities and towns you can take a local bus for 2.50-5 CHF. For second class train ticket you can pay around 28-50 CHF.

Adventure activities, begins around 70 CHF. Cost of Paragliding is around 60 CHF and in winters a little bit more. If you are staying for a long time you can buy 6 day passes that will cost 4-5.

Some of the Money Saving Tips:

  • Go for Couch surfing: A service that allows travelers to stay for free of cost with local residents. It is a great option to keep your costs down the most.
  • Use an ISIC card: You can save up to 20-50% on cost of admission to most of the tourist attractions.
  • Don’t Drink: As drinking is not cheap here, so it can cost you a lot. If you really want to then you can buy your beers at grocery store.
  • Go Veggie: Meat is too expensive especially beef. It’s a smart decision to stick with veggies and avoid buying meat for your meals.
  • Bring your own Refillable Water Bottle: The water in bottle will remain safe, so refill your bottle before you go out of your hotel. It will help you lower your budget a lot.

Don’t Forget to Visit Zurich as it is close to a lot of other cities. It’s a very international city. Visiting there you will easily fall in love with the historic center that opens up on the lake. You can sit in the parks can drink beer on the lakefront. The city is arty and full of street art and exhibitions.



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