The steel city, Durgapur

A town in the West Bengal region often referred as the Steel Capital of East India. The city is not densely populated with a total population less than half a million, is situated in the Burdwan District of West Bengal lies on the Bank of the Damodar River. It is about 170km from the city of Kolkata.

The city is full of temples, old-world markets, parks and even a barrage. The city is located in the heart of West Bengal. It is an industrial town but it has more to offer than authentic food and a few tourist spots. The place is full of culture and is considered as a major commercial hub of Bengal. This place is ideal for those who are looking for a place with an air of sophistication. Tourists from the nearby the region are the main visitors of this place.

After Chandigarh, Durgapur is the second commercial hub. It is a well-planned city, also the third largest city of the West Bengal in terms of India. Durgapur is also famous for its British collaborated Durgapur steel plant which was opened in 1957.

For food lovers: Get ready for the most diverse food options if you visit Durgapur. The place has numerous Indian, Chinese and Continental places to eat. But if you want to have the complete Bengali experience then you must try Eggroll, Fish curry, Chicken Kasha, Mutton Kasha, Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Biryani, Bengali Fish Fry, Puri Chole and Chum Chum.

Here are some places that you must visit in Durgapur: 

  • Benachity: 

    Placed on a long strip of about 3km. Benahity is fill of all kinds of shops and stalls. In addition, it is considered as the Business Center. In addition, it gives you the feel of a marketplace. You can find shops ranging from small merchandise to handicrafts. This market is continuously expanding with new shops opening up.

  • City Center:  

    The City Center mall defines the modernism of Durgapur. This mall consists of Eating joints, movie theaters, shopping centers. Which gives it a cosmopolitan feel. The Troika Park, Deer Park, Srijony-Art Gallery, Science & Energy Park add to the list of visiting spots in City-Center.

  • Durgapur Barrage: 

    It is one of the major attractions in the city. This barrage is built to control the overflowing Damodar River in the rainy season. It also connects the region of Durgapur with Bankura. This place isn’t just a beautiful sight but can also be a memorable experience.  You can hire a local boat and you can go into the water.

  • Deul Park: 

    If you true nature admirer then your trip to Durgapur is incomplete without visiting this beautiful park. Deul Park used to be an expansion of green forest. Presently it has been turned into a resort for tourists.  This park is a perfect escape from the city of life of Durgapur. It shares a border with Ajoy River and it is often visited by flocks of elephants. You can also ride a few water rides in the park, there are resorts and lawns for picnics. One of the prime attractions inside this park is the lchai Park.

  • Kumarmangalam Park: 

    It is one of the biggest park in the region. It has various musical fountains and Boating facilities, located on Tilak Road in Durgapur. There are two entrances to enter the park. On one side, a huge Ganesha Idol Welcomes you while on the other side there are numerous statues of traditional Indian folk dance. You can even find a toy train for kids. Overall it is a good experience for both the kids and the adults.

  • Durgapur Steel Plant: 

    It is one of the ventures under the Steel Authority of India (SAIL). IDurgapur Steel Plant was set up the in 1950s with the help of United Kingdom. Over the last decades, this steel plant has made an enormous contribution to the steel industry. Its best place for those who are industrialists.