Digha: The beach town

A small town situated near the shores of the Bay of Bengal. It’s a popular tourist destination best known for its beaches and scenic views, especially among the people of Kolkata. Digha is the best stop for families looking forward to spending a memorable weekend. (West Bengal)

It counts as one of most affordable beaches. Digha is also famous for its religious temples and museums. Digha offers most popular sea resort of West Bengal for people of all age groups. Sceneries can offer you the pleasure experienced in witnessing areas that have a minimal human impact and are relatively untouched. Beaches make it a perfect destination for honeymooners, perfect for nature lovers, great for photography enthusiasts and the best place for those who love seafood.

For food lovers:  Digha is well known for some of the best seafood, fish delicacies, and local Bengali cuisine. Best seafood to try out: Pomfret, Rohu, Bhetki, Fried Fish and Tiger prawns. Vegetarians too have a good deal of options such continental cuisine. Digha is also famous for the best coconut water at very low prices. The best place to try seafood is the nearby town Shankarpur.

Although Digha is only known for its beaches, here are some places to visit in Digha:

  • New Digha Beach: 

    It is one of the most famous beaches in this city. It covers an area of about 2 kilometers away from the Old Digha beach. The beach is a man-made attraction. Thus having lesser crowd density, The sand is soft, the Digha sea starts at about a mile away from the beach area which is lined with casuarina trees as the eyes can see. You can lie there for hours and relax completely. Visitors must witness the very alluring Sunrise and sunsets, which are beautiful beyond words. The golden rays of sun shines on the sparkling sand, which will surely make an everlasting memory in your mind.

  • Shankarpur Beach: 

     This beach is situated 15km from Digha, surrounded by local fish boats and rows of trees giving the visitors the perfect Canon moment. Few temples are also there in Shankarpur.

  • Talsari Beach: 

    This beach is the most beautiful beach in the Digha region, often compared with the beaches of Hawaii. The Talasari Beach is famous among seafood lovers for the delicacies it offers. The Beach has lined with coconut and palm trees all along. This beach is less crowded making it the perfect place for the solitude seekers. This beach is also meant for adventure lovers. Discovering all this untouched beauty will surely be a rewarding experience.

  • Udaipur: 

    Best for those who are seeking for a tranquil beach atmosphere. Udaipur beach is the perfect place to visit. The beach is near the deserted stretches of seashore where you can just walk along take a dip in the water. You can also rent a bike to explore nearby region.

  • Marine station/ Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India: 

    it is the largest inbuilt aquarium in India. The aquarium features three kinds of creatures: species of conservative importance, ‘local and curious’ species and freshwater species. As a result, you can see lobsters, sharks, rays, butterflyfishes, sea snakes, horseshoe crabs and a bunch of other not so commonly heard of organisms. Therefore this place is best for kids. Adults may also enjoy depending on their interest in wildlife.