Explore nature with heritage, Bandung

This city represents the contrast between city life and rural life. It has rice fields, Volcanic mountains along with the perks of city life.

An entire day is required to explore this city, stuffed with historical relics, thriving youth and beautiful scenery. The Bandung city is surrounded by mountains and can be seen from any party of Bandung. With various modern places to visit like Zoo, Botanical Garden, golf courses, waterfalls and tea gardens make it a worthy place to visit. To navigate within the city, one could easy hire taxies or Angkots (small colorful vans). The culture of Bandung is quite conservative so it is advised to dress modestly.

For food lovers: Urang and Sundanese food are some examples of local food. The food here has a subtle taste compared to the spicy rich food in the rest of country. The best delicacy in Bandung: Nasi Timbel also known as steamed rice. Sayur Asem, Ikan Bakar are some popular dishes one should try. Bangdung specalizes in Seafood.

History of Bandung: Bandung used to come under the rule of Pajajaran Dynasty. But after its defeat by the Dutch let to a blend of cultures, this blend affected the architecture and traditions of present Bandung. After Indonesian Independence people used to call it the West Java.

For Shoppers:The city is known for its mecca, flea markets. Second-hand stalls and large malls. One could find the rejects items of famous brands like GUCCI, Louis Viton at very affordable prices, which makes it a famous destination for the shoppers around the world just for its markets.

Here are some top places to visit in Bandung: 

  • Braga: 

    Although small in size but is has an image in history, it used to be major shopping complex for Dutch colonial folks. It is the home to various Jazz bars, upscale restaurants, and bakeries. Music is a sight of attraction in Braga, visitors can expect to witness musicians at every street corner and in the bar, there are singers performing classic rock songs. In this market, you must try the famous Bubur Ayam, Considered as the street food in Bandung.

  • Tangkuban Perahu:

    It is known as the most famous volcanic mountain of Bandung making it the perfect retreat for the trekkers. This active volcano sits at 30 kilometers in the north of the city center. Although Tangkuban is extremely beautiful at the same time it’s under constant danger of the active volcano. In the history of 190 years, it has erupted 16 times, the last eruption took place in 2013. But this danger only attracts more and more trekkers and adventurers. One could also enjoy the hot springs in this region.

  • Kawah Putih: 

    Danger and beauty at the same place. This lake is known for its acidic nature and the picturesque sight for the photographers. The eruption of nearby volcanos caused the acidic nature of the lake. To visit this place, you need to get to the drop off point which is five kilometers away from the crater site. You are highly recommended to carry a face mask visiting this lake. Because the lake creates toxic clouds of Sulphur gas.

  • Patenggnag Lake: 

    It is a must visit the site for all the photographers for its picturesque nature. Huge lush green plantations surround Patenggnag on all the sides. Patenggnag offers some of most scenic beauty in the region, there’s a nature park within its boundaries which was established in 1981. There’s a small island called the “Love Island” which is a unique feature of this lake, also a delight to the photographers and nature lovers.

  • Gedung State: 

    This place is one of the best examples of the blend of different cultures. Here we see the blend between Dutch and Indonesia. It is one of the most beautiful architectural marvels in Bandung. It is surely an iconic building representing the Indonesian history. Though it is a public building but remains inaccessible to the public. Therefore tourists could only explore the building from the exterior. After visiting this monument tourists could also explore the nearby markets.