A cultural treat, Bali

It is the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia. It is a visual treat to the nature lovers with its huge beautiful variety of Coral reefs, waterfalls, mountains, forests and old remnants of old architecture.

Bali is the place where one can spend his/her entire week with absolute relaxation without any worries. Not only nature is delighting here one could easily enjoy the richness of old Balinese culture, tradition and their mouthwatering cuisine. This island is home to various coral reefs, mountain, peaks, beaches and scenic routes with old temples. A perfect destination for relaxation, exploration, and reflection. Adventurers may enjoy surfing, diving or casual boat rides at the sea shores while spotting aquatic life.

Traveling in Bali is quite easy. You should take the metered taxis for navigation. In less urban areas tourists may enjoy horse carts, motorcycles, and vans. Though horse carts are relatively expensive and less available. People are very religious in Bali almost every aspect of their life has the influence of their religion. It is the home to Hinduism, Islam and various other religions. Even their culture has vast differences from each other they still manage to live in a harmony. Balinese and Bahasa are the most commonly spoken language in Bali. However, almost all the people have a rudimentary knowledge of basic English. So communicating with the locals won’t be a problem.

For food lovers: Bali is located in a coastal region. Therefore most of its food is based around the plantation of rice, jaggery, coconut and various kinds of vegetables and seafood. Restaurants in Padang are the best places to explore the authentic Indonesian dishes. Beef and pork are the most common ingredients in the authentic dishes. This included the famous dishes like; Yam pinging (Grilled chicken and seafood with an assortment of vegetables), ayamtutu (Chicken cooked with spices) and satay (pieces of meat marinated in peanut sauce and grilled). In addition you could easily locate famous American chains like McDonalds and KFC in the tourist-visited areas.

For Shopping: Bali has various markets to shop at. There are night markets, art markets, antique stores, thrift stores and of course, Balinese souvenir stores. You can also buy from the famous silverware shops at Celuk and Ubud. There are malls too, Kuta Beachwalk and Discovery Mall are quite famous.

Here are some top places to visit in Bali:

  • Temples: 

    There’s a vast number of temples in Bali, giving the tourists an insight into its cultural heritage. The Hindu temples have located strategically across the island (The nine directional temples). All of the temples have unique designs as each of them is built in a different way to accommodate the local geography. Best temples to visit; Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple at the south of Bali, and the Tanah Lot temple. These temples are the beautiful remnant of Balinese culture, a must-visit for any tourist wishing to explore Bali. The temples should be explored in the afternoon. Finally, you could head to Surya Mandala Cultural Park to look at the fire dances and then enjoy a pleasant dinner freshly made seafood.

  • Gitgit waterfall: 

    It is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Bali, photographers from various parts of the world gather here just to capture this beautiful piece of nature. Gigit Waterfall is enjoyable and challenging for trekking. As a result, rocks and trees surround this trek. The waterfall itself distracts our attention from rest of the surroundings, the water is crystal clear which flows at a rapid speed.

  • Museum Negeri Propinsi: 

    This is the prime museum to explore Balinese Culture. One could spot some of the finest examples of Balinese traditions. This huge Museum is full of historical and cultural artifacts from all around Bali. You should visit this museum in the afternoon due to less crowd.

  • Bali Bird and Reptile Park: 

    This park is best for those take interest in animals and birds. Over 1000 birds; and 250 different species of reptiles shares this park as their habitat. Accordingly, It is a paradise for wildlife photographers looking for some clicks. Filled with a variety of Flora and Fauna the park is often in some famous magazines and calendars.

  • Ayung River Rafting: 

    located on the river Ayung with a long distance of about 10km. If you take interest in adventure sports then this the best activity you could experience. Professional trainers are available to help you cross the rapid waves of the river. An exciting experience with a sprinkle of thrill.

  • Mount Agung:

    The highest mountain in the region. Mount Agung is famous among the photographers. In addition, Trekkers or rock climbers can have an exhilarating experience while climbing this mountain which is often covered with clouds and mist. Strangely enough, every house in the Bali region is aligned towards Mount Agung. People believe that the mountain holds the epithet of being the spiritual center of Bali.

  • Hot Springs: 

    Toya Devasya, Tabanan is the best-known places for the most luxurious and relaxing hot springs. Then If you are looking for some complete relaxation then you must visit these place for a hot relaxing spring.

  • Adventure Sports: 

    Bali is one of the best places for the people who are looking for the thrill factor. A.J Hackett Bungee Service is the best you could find in Bali for a picturesque bungee-jumping experience. Their services offer regularly to deep water jump to satisfy the thirst for a thrill. In addition, Bali is also a good destination for surfers, beaches of Uluwata and Padang Padang are the best suited for surfing.


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