Kathmandu-A Largest Himalayan State in Asia

Settled in the lap of gigantic Himalayas, Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is an ancient city and becoming the admirable destination among tourists. Now, it’s a sophisticated urban social well being, the preceding centre for inherent Newar culture. It is an assortment of various facets of civic lifestyle. From Buddhist stupas to engaged temples and ancient monuments, Kathmandu has wide variety of experiences for tourists. The best season to visit Capital of Nepal is between February and March as the weather are more clear and presents fantastic views.

Kathmandu is also known as the pride and joy of creative and divine sculptures made from wood, stone and other materials spread around the city. Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain peak is the centre of attraction in Nepal. One can also experience the several enclosed peaks around the Everest like Shisha Pangma, Gauri Shankar and Melungtse. A White Stupa located on the north eastern border of Kathmandu. It is an extreme centre for Tibetan Buddhism. You can notice the priest chanting prayers and lanterns being brightened in the early morning and sunset.

The Durbar square, an archaic square comprises the core of Kathmandu’s old city. This is the best place for tourists to adore the historic Nepalese architecture. Being the biggest milestone, it constitutes three squares- Hanuman, Dhoka and the Old Royal Palace. This square is also speckled with a range of temples, statues and other ancient buildings like Kumari Chowk and Inland of Kathmandu’s living goddess.

The prime attraction in Kathmandu and most beautiful Pashupatinath temple is one of the religious spots. It is located on the banks of Bagmati River. This temple is best known for home of God Shiva, also named as Pashupati. Only Hindus are permitted to enter and worship in the temple grounds. Four headed diety of Pashupati and golden statue of his bull Nandi are the magnificent attractions in the temple.

A national park named Chitwan another amazing destination in Kathmandu is located in the southwest. It provides tourists a superior chance of recognising one-horned rhinos, deers, monkeys, crocodiles, hyenas along with 450 species of birds. It is also a habitat for elephants, leopards, sloth bears and Royal Bengal tigers. Chitwan is also known by the heart of jungle. To cherish nature wonders, Pokhra valley is popular among visitors to endure verdant forests, blue skies, waterfalls, valley of orchids and magnifying mountains. A dark cave with limestone situated in the north of Pokhra, Mahendra Gufa is famous among travellers from all over the world especially for admirers of Lord shiva.

The varied range of cuisines at diverse and colourful restaurants in Kathmandu offers fine dining options from traditional Nepalese food and Indian dishes to continental food and Chinese cuisines. There are some best places to explore for shopping like Thamel, Freak Street and New road. Famous things to take while shopping are shawls, handicraft items, beads, gems and so on. The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is a fascinating city and popular destination among tourists. Visitors will be addressed by wishful street walkers and deviating atmosphere all around the city.