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India is a vast South Asian country as well as world’s seventh-largest country. From the high mountains to the tropical greenery of Kerala, and the holy Ganges to the sands of the Thar desert of Rajasthan.

Billions of inhabitants are been classified into two ethnic groups and speaks around 200 different languages.India has many tourist attractions that never cease to awe and fascinate the visitor. The list begins here:

  • Auli: Its one of the most fascinating place in Uttarakhand. Auli is covered by the beautiful surroundings and is known for its action-packed ski retreats. Auli is one of the world-class ski retreats in India. The other attractions that are surrounding the Auli are Auli artificial Lake, Joshimath, Winter Ski Resort, Trishul Peak and many more.
  • Haridwar: One of the India’s Hindu religious city and a place where thousands of pilgrims visit here to take a bathe in the holy Ganges. The best time to have a worship feeling here begins from May and extends to October. Some of the attractions that cover Haridwar are Bharat Mata Temple, Chandi Devi Temple, Bara Bazaar, Har ki Pauri and the many others.
  • Jammu and Kashmir– No doubt Kashmir valley is one of the most beautiful tourist attraction places in India. Some of the other attractions like the Shalimar, the Dal Lake, the Shikaras and the Gulmerg are the other attractions which will mesmerize the nature lovers. Whether you are an adrenaline junky or want to discover the thrill of the nature, you will have an experience that would make your vacations in Jammu and Kashmir the most perfect one.
  • Roopkund Lake: Several gorgeous high altitude lakes have blessed the Himalayas with their beauty. But, Roopkund Lake is the one that catches the attention of tourists and shroud them in mysteries. The best time to have a holiday here is summers as when the ice melts in the lake, numerous hundred corpses floats in the Lake.
  • Corbett National Park: A picnic spot with many hidden gems and a best family outing place without any confusion is surely Corbett National Park. It’s an offbeat destination for the extraordinary holiday experience. You can come across the entertaining site and take pleasure in the marvels of age-old architecture.
  • Agra: Known by the name of charming land, it’s an evidence of the magnificent golden era. Visiting here you can experience some of the legendary architectures. The Taj Mahal, a white marbled splendor, Jama Masjid, a striking exemplar of Mughal style that captivates Fatehpur Sikri. You will get a chance to encounter the mughal realms of majestic forts, captivating tombs and monuments.

India can be called as a land of many paradoxes. You can come across the different colors that this country has to offer. On the one hand, there are people who work hard to earn their bread and butter and on the other one people have all the luxurious of life. Talking about the cultures some people are easily open to changes and have forward thinking but still there are people that are holding their ancient roots of culture.


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