Top 20 Beaches to Seek Solace in Europe

Europe - It’s the perfect time of the year, the weather is getting warmer, and the only way to beat the heat is a sea beach. From sandy shore to the pebbled beach, Europe has a lot to offer to have a perfect summer holiday.

Europe – It’s the perfect time of the year, the weather is getting warmer, and the only way to beat the heat is a sea beach. From sandy shore to the pebbled beach, Europe has a lot to offer to have a perfect summer holiday. The bookings have already started from the coastal spots. So check out some of the favorite destinations here.


  1. Plage de Saleccia:

    The route to the beach is a pretty interesting one. A walk in Corsica through the deserts will take you to one of the most beautiful spots in Europe.

How to reach:

There are many direct flights to Corsica, from London Gatwick, and a destination halt in Ajaccio- the island’s capital. Then you can either opt for the road or a private yacht to reach to the beach.

  1. Cala de sa Forcanera:

    This is the most accessible beach in Spain which can be reached in a kayak. At just an hour away from Barcelona and Girona, this is a perfect destination for those sudden plans.

How to reach:

Get a flight to Barcelona and take a kayak from the different coast lines surrounding the city and reach this amazing destination.

  1. Anamur:

    Amidst the Turkish locals, this beach is a perfect destination for a summer holiday. There, you cannot find a perfect route via road making it a deserted place. Well for an altogether different experience, you can stay in the local Turkish hotels by paying a very less amount in comparison to the high priced ones.

How to Reach:

Reach Antalya, the nearest airport to Iskele, and from there you can take a cab to reach Anamur.

  1. Pentire Steps:

    This is one of the most popular beaches in the UK for long quite afternoons or a family picnic. The scenic view is amazing, and you have the chance to go for a long walk taking your dog along for a stroll.

How to Reach:

Reach Cornwall and after 20-minutes’ drive, take the narrow path. Follow the signs and walk to reach the perfect spot.

  1. Traigh Eais:

    This is an airport beach, and you can have a direct landing. Situated in the Outer Hebrides, this gem is something to be experienced in Scotland. The airport buzz can be turned off by taking a 5-minute walk to the quieter edge.

How to reach:

Take a direct flight to Barra and then a car to reach the desired destination.

  1. Liepaja:

    The white sand makes this beach in Latvia an attraction to its visitors. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the western part of the country.

How to reach:

You can either take a bus or rent a car from Riga to reach Latvia.

  1. Reynisfara:

    This majestic beach with black and blue sands is indeed different from the normal concept of a sea beach. This beach in Iceland is a beautiful place to admire the true attributes of nature.

How to reach:

Land in Reykjavik and hire a car and search of black sand everywhere.

  1. Polly Joke:

    A less popular beach in Cornwall, this beach is popularly known as Porth Joke has a strikingly beautiful seashore

How to reach: Drive till West Pentire and follow the signs.

  1. Virgin Mary Bay:

    Located in Italy, this is a perfect hunt for clear water and sands with the ideal climate all throughout the year.

How to reach:

Take a London flight with a routing in Rome. Take a car and drive till Ricadi, the nearest town.

  1. Skagen:

    The interesting thing is that the stretch keeps on growing every year and Denmark experiences a moderate climate even in the summers. So be aware with your beach wears.

How to reach:

You can take the help of local tractors from Skagen which will take you to the beach.

  1. Isola Bella:

    This is Italy’s one of the most private sea beach. Try out some sunbathing or swimming on this secluded beach.

How to reach:

From Catania, take a cruise or can even you can walk all the way.

  1. Nida Beach:

    This beach in Lithuania with the most refreshing view is formed by the split of the water bodies. The pine forest and the white sands make a perfect combination to gaze for hours.

How to reach:

From the Vilnius Airport, a 4-hours drive is what it takes.

  1. Melide:

    This beach with the Atlantic part in Spain is a surfer’s paradise. Guarded by three lighthouses and the leap of sands gives an amazing view.

How to reach:

Take a cab and reach directly to this beach after traveling 27 miles from the Santiago Airport.

  1. Virgin Island’s Creek:

    This beach is France is located between the two cliffs defining an unparallel version of natural beauty.

How to reach:

From Perros which is an 80-minute journey; take a boat and reach the sea shore.

  1. Flag Beach:

    An ideal beach for kite surfers. This Spanish beach with its mystic view is a traveler’s delight.

How to reach:

A drive from the Fuerteventura airport is the only way out.

  1. Saharan:

    This popular and home to many television shows is an ideal location to watch for. Located in Croatia, this gem with the white pebbles surrounding the shore is an awesome view of

How to reach:

A boat ride of 80 minutes from Zadar or a drive can take you to this exotic location.

  1. Dhermi:

    A favorite destination during the summers, reaching there needs a little bit of adventure too along the mountains.

How to reach:

Hire a car from Tirana for the most convenient journey.

  1. Dune du Pyla:

    The beach hidden under a wall of sand of 108 m makes it a popular spot for the tourists in France.

How to reach:

Arrive at the La Teste-de-Buch from Bordeaux and just walk to the beach.

  1. Praia de Ursa:

    Though it’s very hard to reach there, this spot in Portugal is an unexplored paradise.

How to reach:

From the Lisbon Airport, you can reach the destination on a car.

  1. Cala Xaracca:

    This sea beach of Spain is ranked among the beautiful beaches of the world. Its exhilarating beauty in a frame gives a post card look.

How to reach:

At an affordable rate, a 45-minutes’ drive from the Ibiza Airport brings you here.

So, decide the best destination for this summer and give some solace to your busy and tired soul.

Written By Author – Ananya Mukherjee

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