Maldives-An Extreme Romantic Destination

The topmost luxurious destination-Maldives is one of the beautiful and smallest destinations among all the Asian countries. It is located in southwest of Sri Lanka in about 435 miles, with a series of 1200 islands scattered around the Indian Ocean.Among 1200 islands 185 are occupied, others are used to a great extent for tourists and agriculture.It’s another name of heaven for honeymooners, sundevotees and scuba divers.Maldives is an island with turquoise waters and white sand beaches.The perfect time to plan a holiday in the island are January, February and march when the sky is blue and water is so peaceful.


The moderate climate in Maldives is determined by monsoons, sunny weather with light sea breeze.Male is the capital and biggest city of Maldives.Its culture is an active mix of South Indian, Sinhalese and Arabs that is exhibited in traditional music, cuisine and art of the Island.Twinkling blue bleaches in Maldives are the excellent spots for couples and honeymooners who are looking for a alleviating holiday.Whether you want to dive in water or sit around the beach, multiple spots are here to chose from..Visit Maldives in a dry season when the rains and humidity is low.’

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Some of the best beaches in Maldives that are no less than a fascination:-


Cocoa Island beaches are known for kinky experience. If you want to endure the elegance of marine life you are at the right place.Some of the great places to travel around the beach within 10 km are Fire Salt, Baan Hura and Terazzo. While spending romantic time with your partner you can experience scuba diving and scent the beauty of nature.It is a heaven for honeymooners who are looking for romantic beach accommodation.


Reethi beach, a small island located in Baa Atoll. It is an elegant example of luxuries.Shiny blue water, white sands and palm trees makes it so beautiful.It is certainly an ideal place for newlyweds.Move around the island beach by taking private expeditionsor calm down  in wellness centre or resort’s spa.Places to eat and indulge in some delicious cuisines nearby the beaches are Reethi Grill, Saima garden and Sunset Bar.


Fulhadoo beach, one of the different beaches in Maldives.It offers the typical luxurious experience not the civic living stylebut something that is unforgettable.It is absolutely beyond the hasten city life.Comfy options near the beach to relax are Three heart guest house and Azoush Tourist. Premium restaurants near the Island are by the beach and fresh in the garden.As the sun goes earthwards enjoy the beauty of sky with your loved ones.


Lily beach, the most purified and natural beaches of Maldives.It is settled on Huvahendhoo Island in Ari Toll and is associated with brilliant diving sites in the world. To dine nearby the beach there are some places to have delicious food are Lily Maa, AQVA bar and Vibes bar.Get ready to indulge in sun’s brightness at Lily beach. Lily Beach Resort and Spa is the most idealistic place to stay near the beach. Maldives is one of the alluring destinations in the world.

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