Live the Wildlife in the Arctic, North Pole

The Arctic is the area around the North Pole of the Earth. It covers several countries, including Canada. If you’ve always wanted to travel to the Arctic, spending a summer in Northern Manitoba is an excellent choice. Manitoba is one of the ten provinces of Canada.

The Hudson Bay coastline is filled with amazing natural wonders and wildlife that you simply will not see anywhere else. The tourist destination that you cannot miss is the town of Churchill, a wonderful place. Churchill, known as the capital of the bear polar, is located in the subarctic where the boreal forest joins the tundra, making it one of the best in the world to see wildlife of all kinds.

Churchill’s local authorities have unofficially named to the town as the world capital of polar bear since during the months of October and November these animals head to Hudson Bay once the surface of their waters freezes and can go out to hunt its main food, the ocellated seal.

Polar bears frolic among wildflowers and berries. Birds in flocks are headed to the nesting site. Countless caribous across the vast landscape always care of the wolves that watch in the distance. Take a guided walk tour and watch the polar bears on the tundra or while playing on the rocks of the coast. Or on board a unique tundra vehicle, designed for safe and fun trips where you can see these impressive bears face to face.

Hop on a boat or paddle in a kayak while herds of curious beluga whales swim in circles around you or listen to the songs of whales underwater on a snorkeling excursion. You can listen how they communicate between them and Belugas are also known as “sea canaries” due to the peculiar way of communication between them. Churchill, Manitoba is a place where the largest migration of beluga whales in the world takes place.

The arctic and subarctic waters that bathe the Hudson Bay are the place where more than 57,000 belugas meet in the summer. Definitely, it is a spectacular show that you should not miss.

Northern Manitoba can boast of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Churchill is located right on the northern edge of the boreal forest and is open to the vast expense of the subarctic tundra. In the summer, walk among wildlife that covers the earth to a beautiful kaleidoscope of color you can find more than 40 species of plants and flowers. Head to Hudson Bay where you will find rocks that have been beautifully shaped by glaciers and small portions of forest that have entered the tundra.

More intrepid visitors will also be able to venture out on kayak trips or try huge fishing from land on the canals north of the province.

From stunning animal experiences to the place itself, travel to the arctic and subarctic regions of northern Manitoba is a true adventure that you will remember all your life. Pack your mountain boots and throw yourself into the wild.

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