Immerse Yourself in the Amazon of Ecuador

The Amazon region of Ecuador is a natural region of the South American country formed by an approximate area of 120,000 km2 of the Amazon

The Amazon region of Ecuador is a natural region of the South American country formed by an approximate area of 120,000 km2 of the Amazon. It includes the provinces of Sucumbios, Orellana, Napo, Pastaza, and Zamora. It extends over an area of lush vegetation, typical of humid tropical forests, representing 48 % of Ecuadorian territory. Its limits are extending till the Cordillera de Los Andes in the western part of this region. While Peru and Colombia in the southern and eastern limits, respectively.

El Coca

A mega-diverse region, in which it is possible to navigate through mighty rivers, to make walks in the forest. To see an extraordinary amount of species. Also to share with the indigenous communities that have inhabited the area for hundreds of years. One of its access points is the oil city of El Coca.  A place from where the boats that navigate the Napo River leave the various reserves.

Yasuni National Park

The most important of them, with almost thousand square km is the zone of greater biodiversity of the world. It also inhabits mysterious indigenous communities such as the Tagaeri and Taromenane, two ethnic groups that live in the depths of the forest in a voluntary isolation of civilization, other groups like the Huaorani and Kichwa, unlike the previous ones live of the tourism, allowing to visitors enter their villages and share with them their daily life and fascinating culture.


There is a great variety of activities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. From staying in your cabin in a hammock and relaxing enjoying the beautiful view of eastern Ecuador with the symphony of jungle animals, to a day full of adrenaline rafting or kayaking in the area of Napo, Archidona of eastern Ecuador.

A native guide will take you through the forest and will teach you about medicinal plants.  You will see many trees that are hundreds of years. You will hear different sounds coming from all parts of the forest and will be able to observe some tracks of animals of the zone like leopards. Some months of the year you will be able to hear and see large groups of parrots flying over the jungle during migratory times. It is very fun holidays where you can learn a lot and enjoys the incomparable environment of the jungle.

El Arca

The Amazon has “El Arca” Animal Shelter. This center is a zoo recognized by the Ministry of the Environment. This Centre allows you to see up close a wide variety of animals of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

There are spider monkeys jumping in the trees, toucans, flying macaws, caimans, and snakes of the Ecuadorian east. Their animals have been rescued from the illegal trafficking of wild animals and find a home in the rescue center.

The volunteers who receive and heal the animals that when they are in good health condition. Return them to the jungle, otherwise they will stay in the animal rescue center receiving care. Most of the rescues are animals those are victims of illegal trafficking of wild animals or from families who had them as exotic pets.

Sacred Valley of Cotundo

One of the least known tourist sites in Ecuador is the Sacred Valley of Cotundo in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Where there is a system of caves with underground paths that connect them, the Elephant cave. Caves of the most famous and spiritual temples, caves of Jumandi. You can visit these caves safely with native guides. Here you will discover the wonders of this world full of stalagmites and stalactites.

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