Top 10 Entertainment Places in Delhi

If you are a person with charm of running here and there exploring the new places of entertainment, then do carry on with your reading as I am going to open a box of full of places that can’t be replaced with the electronic gadgets. The gift is basically for the young people, the old ones can do try.

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  • Worlds of Wonder (WOW): North India’s largest amusement park and water park as well. You can try as many rides as you want to. Also can collect the memories for your whole life time by celebrating the one special day of your life-Your Birthday. Noida Sector 18 is the nearest metro station to the park.
  • Lodhi Road: Appreciate the beautiful architecture of the days that passed on. It’s perfect spot for picnics or to just wander on. The park opens at 6 am and remains open till 7:30 pm.
  • Adventure Island: Have the time of your life, by visiting anytime. Located in Metro Walk Mall in Rohini, the adventure island can be visited by anyone and anytime between 11am to 7pm. You will experience the thrilling rides, water slides or go-karting.
  • National Rail Museum: Check out the oldest modes of transportations in the heart of Delhi-Chanakyapuri. From the antique furniture to the history of railway all is still present. Don’t forget to take a ride in toy-train.
  • Old Fort: One of the oldest attractions in Delhi. The famous historical site can be checked-out any of the days you wish to. You can come across the history of Delhi by having a visit to the Old Fort.
  • Fun n Food Village: A place made for fun and when visited will give you a lot of memories for your whole lifetime. You can enjoy the longest water slide of over 400 ft, and is a different way to feel cool in hot summers.
  • Doll Museum: A home to over 6000 dolls of almost 85 countries. Dressed up according to their traditional attires. The entry ticket for adults amounts to Rs. 15/- and for children its Rs. 5/- only.
  • Dilli Haat: A best destination to experience whole India in a single day. With huge number of stalls from almost every state of India, you can spend your whole one day exploring this amazing place.
  • Toilet Museum: An entertaining, funny or a wonderful place that should not be left out unchecked. You can have a look at the different toilets since 2500 BC. It was built with a mission to highlight the need and importance of proper toilets and sanitation in the country.

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In the end, I can advice you do opt for a Delhi by Cycle activity in which you would be cycling through the narrow lanes where cars are not allowed early in the morning. It’s a guided tour that is best suitable for everyone whether it’s a kid or a teenager or may be an adult. You also get an option to choose for auto-rickshaw if you can’t ride a cycle.

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