Greece-The Relic Country

Greece is an extraordinary country with thousands of islands, located in south eastern part of Europe. It is worlds most popular destination for travellers. It has rich culture in dramas, rhetoric, music and philosophy. Greece has accomplished many discoveries in language, science, literature, philosophy and many other fields of knowledge. A first philosopher of the world comes from Greece. Many Phoenicians have used words from Greek alphabets that are being used in contemporary world.

Greece is one of the best Mediterranean countries in Europe. Greece culture is perhaps one of the richest cultures in the entire Southern Europe. Greece is a place where you experience unique and memorable opportunity to learn culture through art, historical cities, archaeological treasures, Athens is the capital of Greece and is spread in the area of 132.000km sq. Romans called the inhabitants of southern Italy who came from Greeks. It is only at 18s that the Greek called themselves “Hellenic ” and no longer “Romans ”There is no place in Greece that is farthest than 100km from the sea.

The historic capital of Greece is Athens. It is the symbol of Ancient Greece. Acropolis is situated on the highest point in Athens , it has dominated the area for centuries. In 5th century BC on initiative of statesman J.C. Pericles , a national sanctuary was built for the worship of 12 Greek gods.The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient building of great historic significance located on top of the city of Athens , from where one can have entire view of all the cities. It’s stunning evening illumination is must watch experience.

Mykonos is an island group in Aegean Sea. It has glittering view in summers for having bars that blare thumping music by renowned DJ s of the world. Iconic dance clubs and party atmosphere attract  the world.

Akrotiri is a volcanic Greek island of Santorine. The settlement of many objects and artworks are preserved which are buried in volcanic ash. Another popular attraction,Jewish museum of Athens is famous for its rare books and publications, jewellery, articrafts, textiles from all the communities of Greece  which are preserved.

People of Greece are both carnivore and vegan. Greece cuisine usually consists of vegetables, olive oils , grains , fish , wine , meats. Greeks typically have very light breakfast consists of bread , milk and Turkish coffee. Dinner is the heaviest meal mainly consists of lamb and chicken. Fishes and sea foods are generally eaten as they are inexpensive. People of Greece love  to eat pasta and for deserts fruits are often served. Feta, the Greek cheese, comes from the Italian “Fetta” , slice.

Famous hotel – Iconic Santorini ,a boutique cave hotel is must visit , which give life time never forgetting experience which give breath taking view of sea. It facilitates jacuzzis , pool , terrace and lavish atmosphere.

Greece is a surprisingly impressive place where one can enjoy beaches , nightlife, sailing churches, architecture, windsurfing volcano archeological site kite surfing wine and many more !!!!