Top 10 South Korea Attractions

Seoul is not only the spot that deserves to be the tourist attraction among the trippers. Apart from Seoul, there are many other attractions in South Korea that are worth a visit. Here are the lists of sandy beaches, stunning historic sites, beautiful landscapes that can be added to your bucket list.

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  • Ggotji Beach: The spot is best to enjoy a drive or to watch the Sun sinking into the ocean. There is a tale behind the Granny Rock, the wife of a base commanding officer in the Shilla Dynasty died after waiting for her husband and became the Granny Rock.
  • Gwang- A Bridge: Well-known by the name of Diamond Bridge, Suyeong-gu and Haeundae-gu are connected to each other through this two-story bridge. An astonishing view of mountains, hills and city lights make this attraction a more beautiful one. The 100,000 colors can be observed together in the night from afar.
  • Kyeong-Wha Station: Under the cherry blossom tunnel, the rain drops on the track and incalculable shutters click madly away as the train come within reach of station. If you want to click more photos, you can have a visit to Yeojwa stream.
  • Jeungdo Salt Farm: Trippers who want to come across the marine life of the mud flat, without anymore confusions can have a visit to Jeungdo Salt Farms. The clean seawater, salt farms and soft beach completely make this spot a treasure island.
  • Uleung Island Seaside Road: Also known by the name of mysterious islands, the spot is perfect to walk or bike the way around Uleung Island, but you need to make sure you have ample time to enjoy the glorious views.
  • Bomun Pavilion, Gyeongju: It’s a museum with no walls, I can say. It’s a great spot to experience Korea’s spring, the cherry blossoms fluttering over the pond that offers a beautiful sight.
  • Chunwang Peak of Jiri Mountain: The second highest peak in South Korea and the beloved capture of many a Korean mountain climber. You can trail to Chuwang Peak to watch the sun rising up, or to enjoy the view from the top, or to get the pleasure of breathing in the crisp fresh mountain air.
  • Boseong Green Tea Field: Being a tea plantation area and a place that has provided the backdrop to many Korean dramas and films. You can stop by Boeseong to have a spectacular view of beautiful tea fields.
  • Bulguksa Temple: The most populous and UNESCO listed historic site in Korea. The artificial grotto just above the temple, add the splendid grandeur to this 1500 year old home of many relics.
  • Cheongdo Bull Fighting Festival: Millions of people visit here to enjoy the views of bull fighting. If violence isn’t your taste, then check-out the other attractions like Nakdae Waterfall and Unmun Temple.

These were the 10 striking beautiful destinations in South Korea that can be checked out whole around the year. The natural beauty of the South Korea would make you amazed with the eye-catching views.


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